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bim-tools by Mind Map: bim-tools

1. UI

1.1. bim-tools menu

1.1.1. project data

1.1.2. Export to IFC

1.1.3. Create IFC object

1.1.4. creator data

1.1.5. materials list of existing materials material name AcousticRating FireRating Combustible SurfaceSpreadOfFlame ThermalTransmittance create new material color / texture

1.1.6. profiles list of profile components name thumbnail edit type define new profile

1.1.7. Relations List all relations of selected object relation type IFC object type Object name relation rules

2. Actions

2.1. On open

2.1.1. Check = IFC project? List all IFC objects

2.2. On edit group

2.2.1. Check = Ifc object? Reset geometry

2.3. Export

2.3.1. Document saved? Yes Active selection? List all IFC objects No Message: "save first" Cancel export

2.4. On create IFC object

2.4.1. Choose IFC type Wall Select objects Active selection? Slab / Floor Space Opening

3. objects / actors

3.1. Exporter

3.1.1. gather export data creator data project data IFC objects

3.2. IFC creator

3.2.1. Company name id

3.2.2. Person name id

3.3. IFC project

3.3.1. site site name site location

3.3.2. list of id numbers

3.4. IFC objects library

3.4.1. IFC objects wall Create base geometry auto define basic relations Create attributes floor space

3.4.2. IFC object modifiers openings profiles type