Classical and operant conditioning

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Classical and operant conditioning by Mind Map: Classical and operant conditioning

1. What is conditioning?

1.1. Conditioning is about the energy systems- the systems that fuel power muscle contraction. Your body has different systems with different characteristics.

1.2. Types of learning

2. Classical conditioning

2.1. Conditional stimulus

2.1.1. Unconditioned response

3. Operant conditioning

3.1. Involuntary behavior

3.2. Learning by consequence

3.2.1. Positive reinforcement Reinforcement is a fundamental concept of Operant conditioning, whose main purpose is to strengthen or increase the rate of behavior. Contrary to Punishment, which makes use of various stimuli to decrease the rate of behavior, reinforcement helps increase certain behavior. Stimulus that is involved in the process of reinforcement is also called reinforcer.

3.2.2. Negative reinforcement Reinforcement, unlike punishment, refers to the concept of Operant Conditioning, which deals with increasing the rate of behavior. Stimulus involved in the process of reinforcement is called reinforcer.