Mellisa Sistare

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Mellisa Sistare by Mind Map: Mellisa Sistare

1. Hobbies

1.1. Present: Paying off student loans and accumulating rental properties. Closing on first investment property next week (3/28)

1.2. Future: International Adventure Travel

1.3. Past: Adventure Travel and Challenge- Completed Marathon (2016), SCUBA, Yoga- currently looking for new challenges.

1.4. Always: Family, spouse, define future plan for children Waiting for deployed husband to return (week after finals!)

2. Places I've Lived

2.1. International Past: Shanghai (China), London (UK), (Camp Arifjan) Kuwait, (Bagram) Afghanistan

2.2. Domestic Past: California, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Florida

2.3. Domestic Present: Indiana

2.4. Future Location Goals: Japan, Germany, Washington D.C. Ideal that would make my husband and I happy: (please email me if you know of this place, I'm not sure it exists): Large city, on a beach, with good public transportation, and the population speaks English, where weapons might be ok and taxes aren't too high.

3. Education

3.1. Present: JHU FLEX MBA Candidate, 2016-2019/2020

3.2. Past: BA- Multinational Business Operations BA- Management BA- International Affairs MS- International Affairs

4. Work

4.1. Present: Contract Specialist for Navy (Civilian)

4.2. Past: Logistics Specialist for Army (Civilian)

4.3. Future: Explore Consulting or M&A career fields Future: Explore work where I can live or travel abroad