Explicate Problem for Peering into Peers

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Explicate Problem for Peering into Peers by Mind Map: Explicate Problem for Peering into Peers

1. Set Problem Statement

1.1. Mergin and refactoring product customization is difficult & time-consuming

2. The practice

2.1. Merging and refactoring product customizations to the core-asset base (i.e. pruning)

2.1.1. During product derivation, it often becomes clear that new features are required for the resulting product.

2.1.2. "At business unit B, all required changes during product derivation are handled through product specific adaptation. Periodically, the functionality that is deemed useful for the product family is incorporated in the family assets."

3. Assess Problem as Difficulties

3.1. Ascertain Consequences

3.1.1. Productivity drop & higher time-to-market Supporting Evidences? Also the integration work and effort for porting features developed with code belonging partially to the platform and partially to the product specific code to other products became a major part in the ESP teams work load, reducing the time to work on improvements.

3.2. Ascertain Causes

3.2.1. Large amount of conflicts ...follows from... Similar functionality developed differently across multiple products Different functionality implemented in products that conflict

3.2.2. Large amount of product customizations. Supporting Evidences?

4. Type of Contribution

4.1. A new solution for a new problem

4.2. A known solution for a new problem

4.3. A new solution for a known problem

4.4. A known solution for a known problem

5. Design Purposeful Artefact <name your artefact>

5.1. Description

5.2. Technological Platforms

5.3. Requirements

5.4. Components