World of Game Developer Tools

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World of Game Developer Tools by Mind Map: World of Game Developer Tools

1. Low Level Game Developer Tool Kit

1.1. Framework

1.1.1. Deploy across platform MonoGame Open-source C# and other .NET languages on Microsoft and Mono platforms System Requirements Xamarin Studio Oxygine Programming Feature Marmalade Support Platform workflow How Marmalade works The Marmalade platform license

1.1.2. Monogame(XNA) Programming C# Ref

1.1.3. SlimDX

1.1.4. LÖVE

1.2. API

1.2.1. Metal

1.2.2. Cocoa OSX Progrmming Objective-C Script

1.2.3. DirectX Progrmming High Level Shading Language (HLSL)

1.2.4. OpenGL Family WebGL OpenGLEs Progrmming OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL)

1.2.5. Vulkan

1.3. Library

1.3.1. Allegro Programming C++ API Addons

1.3.2. SFML

1.3.3. libGDX Tutorial Video Tutorial Programming Java Rendering with structure programming Feature Graphics Tools Utilities File I/O & Storage Math & Physics Input Handling Audio 3rd Party Support Support Platform Desktop Computer Smartphones & Table

1.3.4. LWJ GL 3 Programming Java

1.4. Physics (Library/Engine) for Games

1.4.1. 2D Box2D box2d-js Chipmunk Physicseditor

1.4.2. 3D Newton Dynamics Havok Bullet Physics Library JigLibX XNA jMonkey Engine Java PhysX Pixelux AGX Multiphysics wiki Vortex by CM LABS

1.4.3. Ref How Physics Engines Work How to Create a Custom Physics Engine Physics engine Wiki

1.4.4. Feature Game physics Ragdoll physics Soft body dynamics Rigid body dynamics Cell microprocessor Physics processing unit Procedural animation Linear complementarity problem Finite Element Analysis

1.4.5. AI Bot world

2. Game Engine

2.1. Highlight Engine

2.1.1. Unity3D Hightlight Features Real-time Gameplay Editor Real-time Global Illumination and our physically-based shader Animation OPTIMIZATION 2D PHYSICS using Box2D AND 3D PHYSICS using NVIDIA® PhysX® 3.3 Development High Level Concept Programming Lean Documentation Tutorials Live Training Community Certification Support Platform Smartphones & Table Desktop Computer Console Game Web

2.1.2. Unreal Engine Hightlight Features Real-time Gameplay Editor More Tools and Editors Development High Level Concept Programming Lean Documentation Tutorials Support Platform Smartphones & Table Desktop Computer Web

2.1.3. CryEngine Development High Level Concept Programming Lean Documentation tutorials Support Platform Desktop Computer Console Game Smartphones & Table Hightlight Features Real-time Gameplay Editor Characters & Animations Performance Visuals Physics Tools Cost Subscription : 9.90 $ / Month Full License

2.1.4. Lumberyard Hightlight Features Development High Level Concept Programming Lean Documentation Tutorials

2.1.5. Godot Engine - Free and open source 2D and 3D game engine

2.2. Open Source Engine

2.2.1. 2D Platform Cocos2DX Hightlight Features Development Lean Support Platform Dualitor Defold Corona

2.2.2. 3D Platform AndEngine Paradox Glue Engine Wave Engine

2.3. Game Engine (Base on UML)

2.3.1. Stencyl

2.3.2. Construct2 Programming Event Sheet JavaScript Editor Layout View Support Platform Mobile Web Console Desktop Computer High Level Concept Scene Sprite

2.3.3. Game Maker Studio Support Platform Mobile Desktop Computer Web Console Game Programming Event Actions Game Maker Language(GML) High Level Concept Room Sprite

2.3.4. GameSalad

2.4. Mobile Android Emulator

2.4.1. Genymotion

2.4.2. bluestacks

2.4.3. Visual Studio Emulator for Android

2.4.4. xamarin test cloud

2.4.5. Cloud Test Lab

2.4.6. AWS Device Farm

2.5. Flash Game Engine

2.5.1. Game Engine Adobe Game Engine Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Builder Adobe Scort Game SDK Starling Support Platform Programming Framily Freature flare3d Away3D Citrus Engine

2.5.2. Physic Library box2dflash Box2D Flash Alchemy Port World Construction Kit Nape Physics Engine

2.6. Other Game Engine

2.6.1. Value Engine Source Engine Source Filmmaker Tutorial

2.6.2. Leadwerks Liscene 1640 ฺBath

2.6.3. Torque Game Engine Torque2D Ref Torque3D Programming Features RealTime Editor Ref

2.6.4. Spring Engine

2.6.5. Visual3D Game Engine

2.7. Spacial Features

2.7.1. Anvil

2.7.2. articy:draft SE

3. HTML5 and Java Script World

3.1. Framework

3.1.1. LimeJS

3.1.2. enchant.js Features Objected Oriented WebGL Support Content Library Hybrid Drawing Animation Engine Event-driven Support Platform Mobile Web Desktop Computer


3.2. Library

3.2.1. JawJS Feature supporting ordinary DOM

3.2.2. CREATEJS Family EaselJS TweenJS SoundJS PreloadJS

3.2.3. Pixi.js Feature

3.2.4. PxLoader

3.2.5. three.js Freture Free & Open Source WebGL

3.3. HTML5 Cross-platform Development Tool

3.3.1. PhoneGap Install Visual Studio Commard Line with Yaoman

3.3.2. Intel XDK supported game engines Cocos2d* 2 and Cocos2d-JS* 3 Cocos2d-JS Lite 3 Pixi* Phaser* EaselJS* HTML5 Game Development Getting Started with HTML5 Game Development Using the Game Asset Manager Audio and Video Asset Support in the Game Asset Manager App Stores Apple* App Store Chrome* Facebook* Tizen* Store Windows Store Amazon* Store Nook* Store Google Play

3.3.3. cocoonJS by Ludei Support Platform iOS Android Pokki Tizen Ouya CocoonJS VS PhoneGap

3.3.4. Crosswalk

3.4. Game Engine

3.4.1. ImpactJS

3.4.2. Goo Create

3.4.3. PlayCanvas Freture Free & Open Source WebGL Tools Publshing Support Platform Mobile Web Desktop Computer

3.4.4. egret EGRET ENGINE Feature WING Feature

3.5. Networks

3.5.1. Node JS


4. Game Technique

4.1. Game System

4.1.1. OOP Polymorphism Component ECs (Entity Components) ECS (Entity Components System) Flow Logic Visual Script (Node)

4.1.2. Language Swift C/C++ Objective-C C# Java Java Script Lua Script Action Script (AS 2.0, 3.0)

4.1.3. Logic Algorithm Abstract Data Type (ADT) VisuAlgo AI A* Finite-state machine(FSM) Flocking Rules-Based Systems Prediction Adaptive AI

4.1.4. Game Mechanine Enviroment Tiled Map Spherical Gravity Terrain Procedural Diagram Game Logic Online Diagram Software & Visual Solution | Lucidchart

4.2. Resource Assets Pipeline

4.2.1. 2D Pipeline Tools Sprite Editor zwopple ShoeBox GAF Media TexturePacker Animate Spriter 2D Spine ENVE Pose Animator Pixel Art Piskel Pixelorama Universal Sprite Sheet Character Creator

4.2.2. 3D Pipeline Tools 3D Model SpeedTree Humanoid Dust3D | Free 3D Modeling Software Voxel Applications - Rigging and Animate Fabric Engine mixamo Matrial Tools Substance Texture Tools Substance painter Quixel Substance B2M

4.2.3. Media Content Tools User interface (UI) Tools Scaleform Video Bink video Audio AudioKinetic OpenAL Audacity

4.2.4. Resource Free Game Assets reinerstilesets Free 2D Graphics Assets - Photo Store lifeofpix unsplash pixabay Fam Icons Online Por Sketchfab Store / Publicer

4.3. Input Device

4.3.1. Classic Game Controller Wii Mote Open Source Library Razer Hydar Xbox Controller Mouse + Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Chroma Razer Naga Epic Chroma Steam Controller

4.3.2. Movement Detected Controller Marker tracker Vuforia Apple ARKit Android ARCore artoolkit HandVu Body tracker Leap Motion RealSense Microsoft Kinect Eye tracker The Eye Tribe Tobii EyeX SENTRY GAMING EYE TRACKER seeingmachines Mixed hololens Face Tracker Spark AR Studio - Create Augmented Reality Experiences | Spark AR Studio Lens Studio - Lens Studio by Snap Inc.

4.3.3. Wearable Sensor Virtual reality Oculus Rift Vive Omni Myo Xsens MVN

4.4. Software Engineering Tools

4.4.1. Version Control Type of Version Control Git SVN Mercurial Bazaar Monotone CVS Hosting Visual Studio Online GitLab GitHub Bitbucket

4.4.2. External Diff / Merge Diff Merge Visual Merge WinMerge Beyond Compare 4

4.4.3. A package manager Web Yeoman yo npm Bower .Net NuGet

4.5. Service Support

4.5.1. Network Service Photon Cloud SmartFoxServer Atavism Liscene muchdifferent Unity Park

4.5.2. Backends Service PlayFab Parse Parse for Unity Guide Kii Cloud

4.5.3. Data Analytic Unity Analytics Google Analytics analytics-plugin-for-unity Customer relationship management (CRM) valuepotion Introduction Developer Document Help Document Support SOOMLA Grow (Whale Player) Indrocution Report FLURRY ANALYTICS (Yahoo) Ploty

4.5.4. Ad Units

4.5.5. Live Event Ignite

4.5.6. Leaderboard Game Center (iOS) Android Dashboard

4.5.7. Social Facebook Unity SDK Google Google Play

4.5.8. App Store Playphone

4.5.9. Video Record EVERYPLAY (Unity3D)

4.5.10. Google Cast Cast Remote Display Game Manager API Plugin for Unity Game Engine Asset Store Asset Store sample UX UI Design

5. Card Game Maker

5.1. Visual Testing

5.1.1. Generic Collectible Card Game

5.1.2. LackeyCCG - Play any CCG Online, or make your own. Mac or PC.

5.1.3. Home - Magic Workstation, Cards Management and Decks Testing for CCG Players, Online Play

5.2. Create Desk

5.2.1. Kickstarter Lesson #78: Creating Card Prototypes for Third-Party Reviewers

5.2.2. How to Prototype a Card Game – Brandon Carbaugh

5.2.3. nhmkdev/cardmaker