Issues on SPL evolution

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Issues on SPL evolution by Mind Map: Issues on SPL evolution

1. Identify change

1.1. Little support for identifying product customization to later be pruned to the SPL core-asset base

1.1.1. Targeted issue Analyzing how products customized core-assets is time-consuming and error-prone

2. Analyze&plan change

2.1. Little support for impact analysis on already derived products

3. Implement change

3.1. Little support for alleviating the merge problem that occurs when product customizations are pruned

3.1.1. Targeted issue Merging and refactoring product customizations into the core-asset base is difficult and time-consuming.

3.2. Little support for code synching between core-assets and products

3.2.1. Targeted issue Both feedback propagation and update propagation are time-consuming and error-prone

4. Verify change

4.1. Little support for inconsistency checking of assets other than the "variability model"

5. Cross-cutting concerns

5.1. Overlooking product customization

5.2. Little support for annotation-based approaches

5.3. Scarce evaluations conducted in industrial contexts

5.4. Limited accounts on industrial experiences on SPL evolution