Little Writer Tracing App

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Little Writer Tracing App by Mind Map: Little Writer Tracing App

1. Learning activities

1.1. In the app

1.1.1. Parents Can add their own language and words by recording to enhance their students learning. Add pictures of family members or friends to give hints to help the students write the names etc.

1.1.2. students Draw basic shapes (trace) Trace along lines of letters to collect the apples or fish in the game. Trace All Setting: students trace everything on the page to which is more of an example of writing the words Trace numbers 1-100 Trace letters on certain modes: hard does not include dots to help the students trace which makes the games and the tracing harder.

1.2. Outside the app

1.2.1. Teachers Teachers can use this app for learning in the classroom to see how students are excelling in writing. Teachers can even make their own games based off this app. They can make trace games on the board to see if students are really progressing forward from this activity. Teachers can make tracing tests as a way to quiz students to make sure they are practicing the app on their own time.

2. Learning assessment

2.1. Within app

2.1.1. Check student's level

2.1.2. Look at individual letters student has written

2.2. Outside app

2.2.1. Formative: pre=test, ongoing assessments of letter shapes to make sure writing on app causes paper writing to improve

2.2.2. Summative: post-test that includes writing spoken words, tracing letters, and copying sentences.

3. Teacher roles

3.1. Adding information to the app

3.1.1. Add new words for student to spell

3.1.2. Add audio for student to write

3.1.3. Upload pictures

3.2. Assessment

3.2.1. Check student progress using app's levels

3.2.2. Create assignments outside app to assess learning

4. Learning Goals

4.1. English

4.1.1. Handwriting Improves by tracing letters, and words of varying difficulty

4.1.2. Spelling Exposes students to new words and allows them to practice spelling them

4.2. Mathematics

4.2.1. Geometry Ability to recognize shapes Ability to draw shapes

4.2.2. Integers Ability to recognize numbers Ability to write numbers