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1. Nature Of Message

2. Cast Per Response

3. Value Of Makerting Communications

3.1. Social

3.1.1. People Have Variety Different Taste

3.1.2. Ad agencies Donate Expertise for Public Service Announcement Promote Social Causes

3.2. Business

3.2.1. Long Term Increase in Funds

3.2.2. Allocate To Promotions to Indicates Faith

3.2.3. Ability to Encourage Atitudes Changes Brand Loyalty Additional Sales

3.3. Economic

3.3.1. Increases Unit Sold and allows Economies of Sale In Production Process

4. Measuring the Effectiveness of Promotion

4.1. Direct Sales Result Test

4.1.1. Based on The Specific impact on Sales Revenue for Each Ringgit Promotional Spending

4.2. Indirect Evaluation

4.2.1. Concentrating on quantifiable Indicators of Effectiveness

5. Measuring Online Promotions

5.1. Cast Per Impression

5.2. Conversion Rate

6. Definition

6.1. Coordination of All Promotional Activities to Produces a Unifies, Customer-Focussed Promotional Message

7. The Communication Process

7.1. Sender

7.2. Message

7.3. AIDA

7.4. Encoding

7.5. Decoding

7.6. Feedback

7.7. Channel

8. Objectives Promotions

8.1. Provide Information

8.2. Increase Demand

8.3. Accurate Product Value

8.4. Differentiate a Product

8.5. Stabilize Sales

9. Element of Promotional Mix

9.1. Non Personal Selling

9.1.1. Advertising

9.1.2. Product Placement

9.1.3. Sales Promotion

9.1.4. Direct Makerting

9.1.5. Public Relation

9.1.6. Guerilla Makerting

9.2. Personal Selling

9.2.1. Person To Person

10. Sponsorship

10.1. Occur When Organization Provide Money Or In Kind Resource to an event in exchange for a direct association with that event

10.2. Difference With Advertising

10.2.1. Cost Effectiveness

10.2.2. Sponsor Degree of Control

10.2.3. Audience Reaction

11. Objective Of Promotion

11.1. Provide Information

11.2. Increase Demand

11.3. Differentiate the Product

11.4. Accentuate the Product Value

11.5. Stabilize Sales

12. Developing an Optional Promotion Mix

12.1. Nature Of Market

12.2. Nature of Product

12.3. Stage in the Product Life Cycle

12.3.1. Non Personal and Personal Selling

12.3.2. Advertising and personal selling

12.3.3. Reduction in Advertising and Sales Promotion

12.4. Price Low Unit Values Product

13. Direct Makerting

13.1. Help increase store traffic and open traditional marketsvof unprecedent size and database are an imprtant tools

14. Communication Channel

14.1. Direct Mails such as Brochure and Catalogs

14.2. Tv and Radio Trough Soecal Offers

14.2.1. Telecomunication initiates by Company or Customer

14.3. Internet via Email

14.4. Print Media such as Newspaper

14.5. Specialize Channel such as Electronic Kiosk