Key Project Management Meeting Topics

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Key Project Management Meeting Topics by Mind Map: Key Project Management Meeting Topics

1. Kickoff Meeting

1.1. First opportunity for the project manager to get the team together and generate enthusiasm

1.1.1. Present the project goals

1.1.2. Introduce the participants

1.2. Decide on certain logistical questions

1.2.1. How regularly should you meet

1.2.2. Who will be accountable for each of the initial tasks

1.2.3. And so on...

2. Planning Meeting

2.1. Main aim is to develop the project plan

2.1.1. Assign roles and responsibilities

2.1.2. Make decisions about how the project will be carried out

2.2. Also an opportunity for project members to share any questions or concerns

2.2.1. Could also include stakeholders for the same reason

3. Walk-through Meeting

3.1. Read through the project plan and other significant project documentation

3.2. Aim to uncover problems and clarify information

4. Debrief Meeting

4.1. An opportunity to provide critical information to higher levels of management

4.2. Focus on

4.2.1. Goals

4.2.2. Results

4.2.3. Budget

4.2.4. Schedule

4.3. Where appropriate, opportunity to seek approval for onward steps and action

5. Presentations

5.1. Opportunity to make a formal presentation to managers, stakeholders, and others regarding the project's results

5.2. This could either be at the end of the project or part-way through

6. Milestone

6.1. Conduct formal reviews of progress against your plan at critical points defined in the project plan

6.2. Interim results can also be presented