World Cup for Work

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World Cup for Work by Mind Map: World Cup for Work

1. Project Duration - 4 days

1.1. Main Site

1.2. Microsoft Teams

1.3. Sharepoint Team Pages

2. Contents

2.1. Twitter feeds from FIFA official reporters

2.2. News - Sources

2.3. Fixtures

2.3.1. Calendar Plug In?

2.4. England Players Twitter Feeds

2.5. Boss Button

2.5.1. Pull Up Spreadsheet

2.6. Privacy Policy

2.7. Cookies Policy

2.8. YouTube Channel

2.9. Compilation of Goals?

2.10. Betting

2.10.1. Sky

2.10.2. Bet365

2.11. Useful Links

2.11.1. Downloadable Fixture List

2.11.2. Fifa App

2.11.3. Kits

2.12. Fantasy Football

3. Article

3.1. Should you allow staff to watch world cup matches

3.2. The World Cup - The Marketing Opportunity

3.3. The World Cup - the training opportunity

3.4. Sharepoint and Teams - the World Cup Opportunity

3.4.1. Moderator/Manager

3.4.2. See who is active - and who is spending too much word time on the platform (yellow card?)

3.4.3. Channels for each Group or Team

3.5. Creating Video Playlists and Channels

4. Key Benefits

4.1. Have someone manage the project

4.1.1. Build Skills

4.2. Engagement with Team

4.3. You could have a lot of fun with this

4.4. Great way to develop skills without risk

4.5. Much better for training than some boring case study or pretend project

4.6. Many staff are likely to be checking on the World Cup anyway - might as well get some benefit from it!

4.7. If you are a multi-national with offices in different countries, foster relationships and friendly rivalry with employees from different offices

4.8. Control Access