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EUS Track by Mind Map: EUS Track

1. Program manager Maxime Tardy

1.1. Tracks

1.1.1. Exchange 1 PM Pmail Fmail 3rd party apps

1.1.2. Voice 1 PM Skype Contact centers Legacy Cisco Video

1.1.3. SharePoint 1 PM TeamPlace SharePoint hotel

1.1.4. Network 1 PM LAN/WLAN WAN

1.1.5. Client 1 PM Office 2016 Client image Group Policies TARMAC Storage GSSD connectivity

1.2. Volvo relationship

1.2.1. Data hosting compliancy

1.2.2. Data collection approval

1.2.3. Dependencies discussions

1.2.4. Implementation reviews

1.2.5. BCM activity

1.3. GSS relationship

1.3.1. SDM Pilot users identification Escalation management Leo Techem Access permissions with Volvo

1.3.2. HR/Onboarding

1.3.3. Unions

1.4. GIT relationship

1.4.1. New processes definition Onboarding process

1.5. Support Track

1.5.1. Support process definition Overall support URS support NT Support

1.5.2. Support process updates

1.6. Program documentation

1.6.1. Scope

1.6.2. Overall timeplan

1.6.3. Project plans

1.6.4. Staffing monitoring

1.6.5. Bi-Monthly reports

1.6.6. Document target ways of working Service desk Technical teams

1.7. Communication officer Carl Zeidler

1.7.1. HCL BCM activity Monthly newsletter Manager's newsletter Employee's newsletter All hands Unions/HR Communication site Service description Project updates

2. Floating Topic