How and why the United States needs to end the fear of deportation.

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How and why the United States needs to end the fear of deportation. by Mind Map: How and why the United States needs to  end the fear of deportation.

1. Fear and exploitation of undocumented immigrants

1.1. History of racist environment

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1.2. Fear of family deportation

1.3. Effects on family at home

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1.4. Language Barrier

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2. We already install fear by limiting opportunities

2.1. US Policies and Statues

2.1.1. Definition of being Illegal in the United States

2.2. Unemployment

2.2.1. Jobs available

2.3. Education

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3. Economy

3.1. Benefits and contribution to the US Economy

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3.2. Profit margin of employing immigrants

3.3. Taxes

4. Controversy

4.1. Could undocumented immigrants be encouraged to migrate illegally.

5. How the media paints a criminal picture of undocumented immigrants to the public. Therefore, leading to fear of deportation.

6. Solutions

6.1. Immigration reform that deports criminals with felonies and only the criminals. Undocumented immigrants who are working for families should not be considered criminals.

6.2. Amnesty to those who are not criminals

6.3. Stop separating families

6.4. Stop misrepresenting undocumented immigrants on media

7. Scope

7.1. Mostly in US-Mexico border

8. Prevalence

8.1. It is very common and still a big issue today

9. Issue is not changing for the better

9.1. Family separation is increasing. Immigrants who don't commit felonies are being deported

10. Causes and other contributing factors

10.1. The President of the United States

10.2. Media

10.3. Drug cartels

11. How common is the separation of familes

12. Or how common is deporation