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Culture by Mind Map: Culture

1. expressive forms

1.1. Dance

1.1.1. Ballet

1.1.2. Jazz Dancing

1.1.3. Hip-Hop Dance

1.1.4. Modern Dance

1.1.5. Swing Dancing

1.1.6. Indian Ddncing

1.2. Art

1.2.1. Fine Art

1.2.2. Body Art

1.2.3. Calligraphy

1.3. Music

1.3.1. Classical Music

1.3.2. Hip Hop / Rap

1.3.3. Asian Pop (J-Pop, K-pop)

1.4. Religion

1.4.1. Buddhism

1.4.2. Islam

1.4.3. Christianity

2. Cultural policy

2.1. legislation

2.1.1. preserving cultural monuments

2.1.2. Limiting developments in historical sites to prevent destruction

2.2. institutions

2.2.1. creation and ongoing funding of national galleries and museums

2.2.2. sponsored art exhibitions in a government museum

2.2.3. creative activities to citizens and promote the artistic, musical, ethnic, sociolinguistic, literary and other expressions of all people in a country

2.2.4. Education on learning local culture

2.3. facilitate cultural diversity

2.3.1. Respect different culture and promote freedom of speech and expression

2.3.2. Establish equal laws to provide equality to people with different races in the country

2.3.3. Holding community activities to facilitate the exchange of culture among different people with different races and languages

2.3.4. Holding exhibitions in government museums introducing different culture from different places in order to enhance citizens' understanding on it

2.4. creative expressions in a range of art forms and creative activities

2.4.1. Holding competition in the fields of culture like music and painting in order to encourage teenage to develop their interest in art and culture

2.4.2. Holding free community workshops

3. Cultural Heritage

3.1. Tangible

3.1.1. Movable books documents movable artworks machines clothing

3.1.2. Immovable historic places monuments

3.2. Intangible

3.2.1. Oral traditions and expressions language

3.2.2. Performing arts dance Calligraphy Music Drama

3.2.3. Social practices, rituals and festive events Spitting on the bride at weddings in Greece Kissing in France Groundhog Day in the U.S.

3.2.4. Traditional craftsmanship Making of Traditional Lantern in China Making of traditional candy in Spain Indian teh tarik

4. Popular culture

4.1. mass culture

4.2. folk culture

4.3. working-class culture

4.4. high culture

4.5. Fast Food Culture