EDTE284 Problem Solving & Project Development

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EDTE284 Problem Solving & Project Development by Mind Map: EDTE284 Problem Solving &  Project Development

1. From Idea to Project Initiating the Project

1.1. Defining a Project

1.1.1. State the Problem/Opporutnity Who wants the project? Why? Identify stakeholders Identify decision makers

1.1.2. Articulate Success Criteria Develop project goal(s) Create SMART project objectives

1.2. Gather Requirements

1.3. Identify Constraints

1.3.1. technical

1.3.2. policy/regulations

1.3.3. preferences

1.3.4. resource time talent/skill sets funding/budget

1.4. Choose a strategy

1.5. Define Project Scope

1.5.1. Initial estimates (ROM)

1.5.2. Project Charter

2. Overview of Projects and Project Management

2.1. the "project"

2.2. the "Product"

2.3. the "Process

2.3.1. Solution-Oriented Process Instructional Designer Role & Responsibility Manage instructional integrity Lead creative process Advocate for the learner

2.3.2. Business-Oriented Process Project Manager Role & Responsibility Manage Project Process Lead Project Team Look after client/stakeholder interests

2.4. Project Management Methodologies

2.4.1. Traditional approach PMBOK Process Groups Initiate Plan Execute Monitor & Control Closeout

2.4.2. Iterative Approaches Agile iterative stages Envision Speculate Explore Adapt Close Rolling Wave Plan Execute Monitor & Control Repeat or Close

3. Who, What, When, How, How Much? Planning the Project

3.1. Create project plans

3.1.1. Identifying & Organizing the work Work Breakdown Structure

3.1.2. Estimating Duration Effort Cost

3.1.3. Building a schedule Critical Path Milestones

3.1.4. Resource Planning people facilities materials equipment other

3.1.5. Project Sub-plans communication change management quality management risk managment

4. Inspire a Shared Vision Leading the Team

4.1. Team Structure

4.1.1. Roles & Responsibilities

4.2. Team Dynamics

5. Work the Plan Project Execution Monitoring & Controlling

5.1. Project Execution

5.1.1. Project Kick-Off

5.2. Monitoring & Controlling

5.2.1. data collection & reporting Project Share Sites & Tools Base Camp Trello mavenlink BrightWork

5.2.2. taking corrective actions crashing the schedule

6. Project Closeout

6.1. Lessons Learned

6.2. Determining Project Success