Towards A Better World

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Towards A Better World by Mind Map: Towards A Better World

1. Money goes to underwater homeowners, protect environment, create jobs

2. Prosecute Criminal Behavior

2.1. Jail the bankers, CEO's, government officials and others who committed crimes against humanity or nature

3. Reclaim US Government for the People

3.1. End Citizens Untied

3.2. End Corporate Personhood

3.3. Create a people's agenda

3.3.1. REQUIRE candidates to agree to our agenda in order to secure vote

4. Restructure Corporations

4.1. Complete restructuring & regulation

4.2. Revoke corporate charters for crimes against nature & humanity

5. Economic

5.1. Restructure banks

5.2. Debt Jubilee

5.3. Stop funneling money to the banks & wars

5.4. Jobs for all

5.5. Move toward resource-based economy

5.5.1. Instead of debt-based economy

5.6. Cooperatives

5.7. Reduce income inequity

5.8. Stop the foreclosures

6. Act NOW to Protect Ecosystem

6.1. Climate change

6.2. End destructive practices

6.2.1. Stop tar sands extraction

7. End military dominance

7.1. End the wars

7.2. End the Empire

7.3. Abandon the bases

7.3.1. Repurpose

8. Healthcare for all

9. Recognize Rights of Nature

9.1. Recognize the rights of nature to exist

9.2. Allows prosecution for crimes against nature

10. Recognize the Commons

10.1. Identify common resources that need management for current & future stakeholders

10.2. Create systems to manage commons

10.2.1. Commons Trusts

11. Participatory democracy

11.1. Fair elections

11.1.1. No easily hacked machines

11.1.2. No corporate money

11.1.3. Only public money Caps on individual contributions

11.2. Create a different type of voting system that supports every voice

12. Global citizen

12.1. Recognize a new type of citizen

13. The NEW STORY!

13.1. Just, Sustainable, Peaceful World

13.2. We Have The RIght To Be Here

13.3. Me & We Valued

13.4. Collaborative Stewardship