Organization In Tourism & Hospitality Industry

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Organization In Tourism & Hospitality Industry by Mind Map: Organization In Tourism & Hospitality Industry

1. International

1.1. United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

1.1.1. History Based in Madrid, Spain, is a United Nations agency dealing with questions relating to tourism. It complies the World Tourism rangkings. A significant global body, concerned with the collection and collation of satistical information on the international tourism. Languages : Arabic, English, Russian and Spanish.

1.1.2. Function General Assembly Executive Council Secretariat

1.1.3. Roles Promoting the development of ressponsible sustainable and universally a accessible tourism, paying particular attention to the interests of developing countries. Encourages the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, with a view to ensuring that member countries, tourist destination and business maximize the positive economic, social and cultural effects of tourism and fully reap its benefits, while minimizingits negative social and environmental impacts.

1.2. International Air Transport Assocoation (IATA)

1.2.1. History Located in Montreal, Canada. IATA represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic. Present in over 150 countries covered through 101 offices around the globe. Identify and articulate common industry positions and support the resolution of key industry issues. An international industry trade group of airlines.

1.2.2. Function Safety Security Environment Services

1.2.3. Roles It allows them to operate safely, securely, efficiently and economically under clearly defined rules. It seeks to insure they are well informed about the complexieies of the aviation industry to insure better, log-term decisions.

2. National

2.1. Ministry of Tourism & Culture (MOTAC)

2.1.1. History Malaysia tourism now the second largest in the country's economy. This makes Malaysia the world's best travel vacations especially for intensive. MOTAC built to attract tourism to come to Malaysia.

2.1.2. Function To formulate national tourism policies to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the ministry. Implement policies related to the development of the tourism industry. Coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the effectiveness of the program of the industry.

2.1.3. Roles Increase the contribution of the tourism sector to the national economy. To catcher 1Malaysia's development through tourism activities. Empower rural communities through rural tourism activities.

2.2. Malaysian Association Of Hotels (MAH)

2.2.1. History The secretariat was located at 76B Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur and operated with 92 members. In 1982, MAHAR amended its constitution and it came to be known as MAH in 1983.

2.2.2. Funtion To unite hotel in Malaysia in to one, representive body. To set up etablishment for training purpose. To plan and organize project that will exchange productivity.

2.2.3. Role Cooperation Protection Repsentive Training and Development

2.3. Malaysia Budget Hotel Association (MBHA)

2.3.1. History In 1983,the secretariat moved to MATIC (known as MTC) Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur before moving on to Desa Pandan in 1996. Budget hotel have continously played a significant role to support the access of tourism and hospitality industry in Malaysia

2.3.2. Function/Roles To present the common interest of all the budget hotels in Malaysia. To promote good relations. To cooperate with other organizations, parties or individuals.

2.4. Malaysia Tourist Guide Council (MTGC)

2.4.1. History Persons who provide services to travel or other people by driving the the payment when travelling uder subsection 24(1), the travel industry act 1992.

2.4.2. Function To target Malaysiaan tourists guides to commit to professional practices thus maintaining the highest level of competence in their work, coordinating and organising of tourism related educaction and courses, looking into the overall interests and the welfare of tourist guides , promoting understanding and fellowship among all tourist guides and tourist guides associations of Malaysia and to provide a platform dor dialogues and discussions between the tourist guides, the tourist associations, other tourism partners and government.

2.4.3. Roles Non-profit organization representing the voice and image of the Malaysia chefs as professionals, create links of friendship and professional co-operation Meeting s throughout the country to discuss tourism related activities of state and national events and policies that effect both the tourism industry, and tourist guiding areas, initiating a host of programmes toward achieving its goals, including finding solutions to many of the problems constantly faced by the industry and tourist guides. Persons who provide services to travel or other people by driving the the payment when travelling uder subsection 24(1), the travel industry act 1992.

2.5. Malaysian Association Of Tour And Travel Agent (MATTA)

2.5.1. History In 1975, a group of travel and tour agents initiated an association to represent their interests. Started with 30 members. Founder of MATTA was the late Mr Loh Yit Lick who was also the 1st president. Today, MATTA boasts a membership of over 2,800 members. Headquarters : Kuala Lumpur State Chapters : Kedah, Penang, Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Selangor, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.

2.5.2. Roles To unite, supervise and coordinate the activities of the members. To publicise, encourage, promote, and extend the tourist and travel trade. Make representations on behalf of members to Government and all organisations with which the Association has common interest. To discourage unfair competition without in any way interfering with initiative and enterprise based on fair trading.

2.5.3. Function Help organise fairs, seminars, convention and workshops both to create public awareness of the tourism industry.

2.6. Chef Association Of Malaysia (CAM)

2.6.1. Started and formed in the name of Toques Blanches in 1997 (White Hat) and duly it's name to The Chef Association of Malaysia in 1986.

2.7. National Concierge Association (NCA)

2.7.1. Established in Dallas Texas in1998 out of a need to create a format for networking on a local, national and international basis with other Concierge and venues of all type.

2.7.2. Has members worldwide representing the corporate, hotel, retail, entertainment, academic, civic, medical, residential, and privately owned sectors of the hospitality industry.

2.7.3. Provide unlimited and unparalleled networking and educational opportunities to its member both Concierges.

2.7.4. Affiliated businesses as well as to promote the concierge profession worldwide.

2.8. Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

2.8.1. History Incepted as the Malayan Nature Society in 1940. In 1940, Malayan Nature Journal (MNJ) and the Malayan Nature Society were born. MNJ Volume 1 No 1 was published in August 1940 on Natural Beauty Spots of Malay, And the Need for their Preservation. The Society began with 112 members in 1940. Although the Secind World War left its scars, by 1948, our membership had risen to 400-1,000 membership in the early 1980 and 2,000 in 1986.

2.8.2. Function Promote the study, appreciation, conversation and protection of Malaysia's natural heritage.

2.9. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

2.9.1. History WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by 1.2 million members in United States and close to 5 million globally. Working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.

2.9.2. Function / Roles Promoting sustainable approaches to the use of renewable natural resources. Promoting more efficient use of resources and energy and the maximum reduction pollution. Protecting natural areas and wild population of plants and animals including endangered species.

3. Regional

3.1. Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

3.1.1. History In 1951, Pan America Airways set about organising the first Pacific area travel conference with the aim of promoting tourism the largely undiscovered region of Asia Pacific. A membership association working to promote the responsible development of travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific Region

3.1.2. Function Sponsors and organize a conference with the objectives of reviewing the progress, exchanging ideas and planning for future programmes. These meeting are held at different areas.

3.1.3. Roles Providing and instrument for close collaboration among the various territories, countries and commercial companies companied. Primarily operates in United State market. Organization provides meeting point for the people. Carrying out satistical and research work relating to travel trends and tourism development for the benefit of its member.