Anti-Tobacco Campaign

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Anti-Tobacco Campaign by Mind Map: Anti-Tobacco Campaign

1. About Me

1.1. Hello, my name is Grace Puggie and I go to Arizona State University and surrounding me is a ton of tobacco products being used.

1.1.1. digital photo of me

2. Contact

2.1. Phone/ email or social media

2.1.1. Social media images (twitter or instagram)

3. Reference Page

3.1. To give a thank you for every references that i have used throughout the making of this website

3.1.1. hyperlink

4. Strategic Planning

4.1. A map of a plan of my website

5. Pledge Here

5.1. There are always ways to avoid peer pressure but stay confident on what you are doing and who you are. This pledge will allow for you to stay confident in yourself to stay away from tobacco or for yourself to start to reach out for help.

5.1.1. Google Form

6. What It Is About

6.1. I wanted to create this campaign for kids and at-risk teens to know the dangers of tobacco products before starting them but also for those who already use tobacco to know that if they are looking to quit that there are other options. As of know, there is a stigma in society that using a vape or a juul can be considered cool but it's my mission to prove otherwise.

7. Dangers

7.1. One juul pod is equal to twenty cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive product. Several health effects. Long term effects of vaping are unknown. Vaping leads to a higher chance of cigarette smoking in teens. Second hand effects

7.1.1. Truth Campaign Commercial, The Cost

8. Resources For Help

8.1. Describing to those who already smoke that there is still time for them to change no matter what they/ others thinks.

8.1.1. Powerpoint presentation