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Alexia Raucci by Mind Map: Alexia Raucci

1. About Me

1.1. In this page, I will discuss why I created the website (it's a career portfolio). I will talk about my goals as a writer.

1.1.1. Tools: Digital photo editing and logo

2. Contact Page

2.1. Page where there's a contact form for any business inquiries

2.1.1. Tools: Graphic design with QR code

3. Reference Page

3.1. Will include podcast, poll, and collaborative tool

3.1.1. Tools: Word document

4. Strategic Planning Page

4.1. Page that has the planning map

4.1.1. Tools: using embed code

5. Blog

5.1. Will link to my personal blog

5.1.1. Tools: Social Media

5.2. Will include post about emerging Technologies

6. My Work

6.1. Poems I've written

6.1.1. Tools:: word document

6.2. Songs I've written

6.2.1. Tools: Word document

7. Course Projects

7.1. Will include all course projects

7.1.1. Social media power point

7.1.2. Animation

7.1.3. Infographic

7.1.4. Screencast

7.1.5. Digital Story Video

7.1.6. Group Presentation

8. Resumé and Cover Letter

8.1. Will include my resumé and cover letter

8.1.1. Tools: Resumé and cover letter skills from 21st century workplace skills