Background Situation

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Background Situation by Mind Map: Background Situation

1. Who are the key players

1.1. Military

1.1.1. took control of Myanmar from 1960s

1.1.2. Ethnic cleansing - reject british colonisation and japanese humilitation

1.2. Rohingya citizen

1.2.1. Stays in Rahkine, State in Myanmar

1.2.2. mainly muslim, minorities in Myanmar as they are 90% Buddhist

1.3. Rohingya insurgents

1.3.1. attacked > 30 police posts (Burmese security forces) on 25 Aug triggered military actions Cuts off supplies, food, info and recruitment employs gunship to level Rohingya

1.3.2. Called themselves Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)

1.4. Civilian Government

1.4.1. do not recognise Rohingya as part of Myanmar, deprive them from civil rights

2. Key Questions

2.1. Is the government doing anything to help Rohingya? In particular - Aung San Suu Kyi

2.1.1. Her hands are tied as she can't openly assist Rohingya Why? Myanmar comprise 90% buddhist. Openly voicing concerns may stir public uproar (no morality to do it) Military holds more power over civilian government. Backed by string political party (Nationalist group) - may trigger ethnic riots

2.2. What tactical significance does Rakhine has?

2.2.1. Economic sense: With China Gateway for transfer of natural gas from Yunnan, China to Sittwe (city in Rakhine) (China's strategy to reduce dependency on sea trade routes, alternate energy source)

2.2.2. Economic sense: With India Supply route with Calcutta and Aizawl (India) India sees Myanmar as bridge to SEA

2.2.3. Fear from government Tension between government and Rakhine may affect economic ties more determined to do ethnic cleansing and gain total control over Rohingya

2.3. How does the situation affects political component?

2.3.1. Aung San Suu Kyi working closely with UN and Russia to prevent critism of government at security council level Why?

3. Possible Terrorist bleeding ground?

3.1. Excessive military abuse

3.1.1. Fertile ground for Jihad extremist to target Refugees and citizens nothing to lose Exerting extremist influence to "fight for their rights"