Indifinite articles

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Indifinite articles by Mind Map: Indifinite articles

1. 4. Expressions of quantity, time, speeds and prices. We use a with some expressions of quantity, time, speed and prices. Notice that in the expressions of time, speed and prices "a" and "an" are not translated by "a" or "an".

1.1. Example

1.1.1. Cantidad: A pair of, A little

1.1.2. Tiempo: Once a day, Twice a week

2. In Spanish we have indefinite articles masculine one, some and feminine un, una in English, however, we only have two indefinite articles A and AN, both mean "un", "una",


3.1. A: Is used with words that begin with a consonant, h h h sound or u or any other spelling pronounced as ju: (iu).

3.1.1. Example a dog, a person, a book.

3.2. AN: is used with words that begin with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), h muda (not pronounced) or u short (pronounced as a).

3.2.1. Example an apple, an interesting film, an old man.

4. A / AN: USES

4.1. 1. Accounting singular noun We use a / an in front of a singular accountant noun

4.1.1. Example a pencil, a lamp, an apple

4.2. 2. Name something for the first time When we refer to a thing or a person for the first time.

4.2.1. Example We have a new car,

4.3. 3. Professions We use a / an in front of any profession.

4.3.1. Example She is a teacher, He is a doctor

4.4. 5. Exclamatory expressions We use a / an in the exclamations.

4.4.1. Example What a funny story!, What an exciting film!