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Clientsite by Mind Map: Clientsite

1. Site map

1.1. Sitewide Items

1.1.1. Banner or Logo

1.1.2. Social networking icons (FB, Twitter, ?)

1.1.3. Mission (?) - What We Believe (maybe here, maybe home, maybe about?)

1.1.4. Site navigation

1.1.5. Search bar

1.1.6. Donation link

1.1.7. Sign-up for action alerts

1.1.8. Sign up for email/newsletter list

1.1.9. Join Us (Membership)??

1.1.10. Footer - Contact link, etc.

1.2. Home

1.2.1. Phase 1 Most recent blog entries RSS of latest news Video (one or featured/rotating embedded video, personal stories) Twitter feed Facebook feed

1.2.2. Phase 2 Feature story image slideshow

1.2.3. Idea: the Who We Are / What We Do / Why We Do It links

1.3. Blog

1.3.1. Taxonomy of issues with RSS feed for each WLIHA News In the Media State Legislation (maybe by agenda item as well) Federal Legislation (maybe by topic/agenda item as well?)

1.4. About Us

1.4.1. Who We Are History Mission Staff photos and bios Board names and affiliations List of Housing Alliance and Coalition Members Org structure (including committees and programs) Case Statement/Strategic Plan Annual Report

1.4.2. What We Do Tell / Inform Advocate State Federal Mobilize

1.4.3. Why We Do It The problem (the why we do it text) Personal Stories videos

1.5. Advocacy

1.5.1. Highlight Between session: Vote and GOTV During session: Action alert (Salsa or Twitter feed?)

1.5.2. How to get involved

1.5.3. Vote Links to voter registration resources Info on upcoming GOTV actions

1.5.4. Agenda Additional information on each agenda item State Federal

1.5.5. Phase 2 Connect Ways to connect with other advocates Info, videos on local issues (tagged blog posts? does this make more sense in the Blog section? Maybe the Blog section should have a Take Action component that links back to this section? Act Links to latest DIA actions Learn Advocacy training "kits" Media Advocacy links to local media outlets samples of op-eds and letters-to-the-editor for supporters to take action in supporting our policies

1.6. Resources

1.6.1. Our research and publications

1.6.2. Press Center Press Releases Links to press coverage (sam idea: tagged blog posts?) WLIHA Newsletter

1.6.3. Calendar

1.6.4. Find affordable housing

1.6.5. Housing and homelessness RSS feed

2. Content Types & associated Views

2.1. Blog (content type), with Views (page, RSS, block)

2.2. Resource (w/ taxonomy-- choose from annual report, other publication, research)

2.3. Video Stories

2.4. Staff

2.5. Events

2.6. News View

2.6.1. Press Release (content type)

2.6.2. News Item (content type)

2.6.3. WLIHA newsletter (content type)

2.7. Featured Stories (w/ node reference)

2.8. Page (content type)

3. Features

3.1. Feeds

3.2. Social Media

3.3. Embedded video

3.4. Salsa integration

3.4.1. email newsletter archive

3.4.2. sign-up for email newsletters

3.4.3. action alert listing

3.4.4. sign-up for action alerts

3.5. Custom Theme

3.5.1. New logo (need this)

3.5.2. Use 'red shoes banner' from current site

3.5.3. Color-- new color scheme needed

3.5.4. Make wider than current site (960 or so)

3.5.5. # Regions =

3.6. Blog(s-?) w/ tagging

3.7. Calendar

4. Site References