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1.1.1. GRAPHIC Mockups Find on etsy MockUps Graphic elements Banner design Use spark! Spark great also for card, etc Pop up books Canva app Brand Kit features, with the exception of accessing uploaded [<u>logos for the Canva for iPhone app][1]</u>, are only available on the desktop browser. [1]: Like mini photoshop but only on desktop! Amination only on desktop Need canva for WORK Pablo (from Buffer) = Mini Canva Top! For quotes! Highlight text on any page and then right click to see an option for opening that text in Pablo for creating beautiful images. + Right click on any image that you come across and you will see an option to open the image in Pablo for editing. (fotofuse) Not good Cleanup photos to look pro Free With ads Untitled Printable stickers Siloihette Sticker cut Silhouette Linkable to AI Printers/cutter Pixscan techno Fonts free fonts are:

1.1.2. PHOTO RelayThat How to simulate Agency Bought it AppSumo Similar to Canva Work! Additional features Use CHROME Tutorials TEAM feature Affiliate! Price Canva Canva Work (= Pro) Free version = basic Hotspot on Image/products Vistag Linklay From WP super plugin Generate photo dynamicaslly PLACID Lemlist Pablo (from Buffer) Using script Using dataset Concept Application Grids / Walls... Stencil Like canvas Features Price Affiliate Picmonkey you can use your own fonts if you choose.

1.1.3. MOCKUPS Adobe Dimensions Poster Videhives Excellent video mockups Creativemarket Best giftboxes mockjps Envato elements Ice stationary mockups Many free Here Great free mockups here Placeit Price Nice videos Wide choiice Many of our favorite features from Smartmockups are missing from Placeit. This list includes advanced cropping, realistic blur, color background choice, and gif support. best set of clothing mockups (t-shirts, hoodie, crewneck, jersey, hat, etc.) Download limits per month! Desktop app Best but $$$ Smartmockups Price Affiliate 30% Feature over 1100 mockups API 99/y [][1] [1]: Free Immediate delivery Dry few devices, and that’s all, but not bad [][1] [1]: free app that has exactly 100 mockups to choose from you need to upload an image that is the exact dimensions required. More mockups tools with comments [][1] [1]: Product Mockups gift box mockup cosmetics Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock Animated Tablet Mock-up Pack by FlatlineRo | GraphicRiver gift box mockup Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock Cosmetics Packaging Vectors, Photos and PSD files | Free Download Packaging Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock Product Box Creator by Headfish | VideoHive Video Mockups Mockup Video Effects & Stock Videos from VideoHive (Page 3) Promomatic - Easily create beautiful app store assets Marvel design and prototyping tools Integrated with smartmockups Price

1.1.4. AE SLIDESHOWS-VIDEOS Toolkit RTC create presentation (like a mini. PPT editor), easy, Creartcom unique style! Nice Ink slideshow But Kong 1:12 Script doing this (folder) Not so nice (carousel) But hyper flexible (any nb of photos in a folder)! Fxfactory has many, especially in section industrial revolution Paper rip slideshow Glass effect Classic gentle slideshow Many good AE slideshow scripts Question is automation And flexibilibity vs simplicity Pop books IG. Stories builder with. AE

1.1.5. VIDEO Vooplayer Top Bought lifetime (AppSumo) Price Missing only display of www or social media page (possible with my other CTA player) FREE TRIAL of Enterprise! Features Intergration Knowledge base Tutorials Roadmap Bought Appsumo deal Addons Using Publitio with Flow Player | Blog post by nitro | Publitio Clipman Personalized Cold Email Template for Client Acquisition Create irresistible video ads with the Clipman Launch Deal Getting Clipman Account Access | Clipman Help Center INTERRACTIVE Vids Hippovideo Videopath AfterEffect --> HTML5 ainmation/eBook/... Techsmith Camtasia TechSmith Smart Player Coolix video SEND PERSONALIZED VIDEOS Increase Response Rates by 300% Increase Conversions up to 80% HipoVideo AUTOGEN Vids Rocketium Lumen5 [][1] [1]: Video Robot Commercial - Special Deal Adobe After Effects converter, which enables us to create a custom template with variables based on your unique design. STREAMING Fully manual, bof Quality video library = low Autoresize White label possile Calendar Unlimited videos Integrations Price Wave Open Broadcaster Software | Home Host / Stream YouTube Vimeo WISTIA Shoot promo video: twins on fiverr Write a script for an ad : Fiverr twins video by Theadtwins Screen Recording In order of simple to powerful Also simple Loom Subtitles Rockerium Autocaptions for Teleprompter App DotSub - Video translation and captions Telepromter Teleprompter App iOS Mirror screen to Mac Teleprompter Premium Video Ads From URL In Under 60 Seconds Recommended Video Sizes For Social Media | Rocketium Academy Personalize your Video and send Email Campaign within Hippo Video : Customer Support Storage [][1] [1]: Publitio Cloudinary Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software For people to show a problem to me Publitio - Life Time Deal Allow stirage And URL conversion

1.1.6. MUSIC / AUDIO variety of creative commons licences). [YouTube’s vast music library][1] where you can pick from many genres and moods [1]: [Vimeo’s music store][1] [1]: [Freestockmusic][1] where you select from ten different categories each having hundreds of collections. [1]: [][1] [1]: More resources can be found [here][1] and [here][2]. [1]: [2]: Nice music [][1] [1]: AUDIO Professional voice over services and voice actors | VoiceBunny Convert mp3 to video on Youtube For Muzee

1.1.7. eBook & Interactive PDF Beacon eBook dynamic from posts Sponsored In5 (Ajar) Interactive PDF is dead Plugin for Indesign - interactive book! Sponsorship NO NGO / EDU support See Tools for CONTENT also 3D Flip Book - aescripts + aeplugins - Untitled [ Create an animated sketch – Free After Effects Tutorial][1] [1]: Animation: Create an animated sketch – Free After Effects Tutorial

1.1.8. Fonts Handwritten Watercolor in illustartor [][1] [1]: Fontself Creatbfont from designs Color font possible! use **your fonts online** Fontself for Photoshop How to and line sheet Discount student score some [great free fonts on Creative Market][1] every Monday. [1]:

1.1.9. Illustrator Font with handrawing effect Basic good script **Metaball** Spiral Calendar script Fontself Graphic styles “hand drawn” for 360 PP For boxes For lines For graphics Also for text / tiles For header/footer Script to create watercolor effect on text

1.1.10. Indesign Dont create Interactive PDF... [][1] [1]: Linked with excel But ePub or in5 (html5) • Video and animated GIFs can simply be placed in InDesign using _File > Place._ • HTML embeds (like YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter feeds, _etc_) can be pasted onto the page or inserted via _Object > Insert HTML_. • Animation, Button actions, and Object States can be created with InDesign’s built-in panels. • Scrollable Frames are supported via the [Universal Scrolling Frames][1] panel. [1]: Publish Online As ePub **In5** Creating HTML that you own with in5 Free alternative to export as HTML Creat PDF (form) editable Better in Acrobat Pro Create an editable business card (a ex) DATA MERGE free script called CSVtoTables image hlp Data Merge Fantatsic for Muzee Catalog Tables More scripts here InData (super merge) Create interactive PDF E.g. Checkboxes Wordflow Fantastic to merge Word changes! Same for google docs Also good to use InDesign publisher! Must have scripts Planner data merge script Calendar Wizzard Great list of good scripts Automation: mini course For iPad She is tTHE Indesign Planner expertz Calendar Make a Calendar with Every Interfaith Holiday Listed On It CalendarWizard script Good article with links Subscribe to magazine? $60/y All back issues

1.1.11. OpenBrand

1.1.12. RESOURCES / STOCK LIBRAIRIES Stock Unlimited Bought 1 million asset Medium quality but ok Content Can EDIT the photo/vector directly! Can quickly compose image by adding elements (text, etc) before download Extended license = $20 per asset AFTER EFFECTS Cracks [][1] [1]:,Gallery Mockups Best scene creator Great Pinterest selection Manygreat Best sources Packaging cosmetic Great scenes IT App Video Cloths Flyers / Pages Logo Ludivine Misc Facebook 3D converter - GLB converter - Boxshot Richworks 3D Product Box For After Effects by mrcharlesbrown | VideoHive Cosmetics Unsplash TOP API Pixabay API Shutterstock NGO Pexels Free stock photo of art, ball, ball-shaped Pexels Creative market every Monday they offer 6 new freebies. [9gag][1] that have a myriad of funny images - including pre-made meme’s. [1]:

1.2. ETSY

1.2.1. MARKET RESEARCH Etsyrank People say better Excellent topsellers list also Good analysis of listing of competitor Best Sellers & Sales History Price Competition watching Shopiscope to [<u>visit the Etsy Trends page][1]</u>. [1]: CraftCount Hashtags Marmalead Pro [][1] [1]: [][1] [1]:

1.2.2. MARKETING Social Media Spreesy Outfy SOCIOH MuzeFind Crowdfire product discovery networks SEO List of website where to promote Change profile photo to « SALE »! Find in my shop THE product with secret keyword giving access to 10% discount KITT, our Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool Keyword FB pixel Video – [How to Use Google Analytics for Etsy][1]. [1]: [][1] [1]: Hashtag finder [][1] [1]: Not so cheap 14/m Post on social media Buffer queueing more expensive

1.2.3. LIST MANAGEMT Vela (100% free) Listing management better than normal Etsy batch edit But Etsy needed for [][1] [1]:

1.2.4. Later * You can not schedule Instagram Stories with Auto Publish, you will still need to post natively. Nor carousel

1.2.5. PERSONALIZATION / ITEM CUSTO Goten or Cordjl Allow users to customize the product Design porducts Management of orders Images variants Customer images GOOD BUT Price Templatt Using acrobat reader Only text Good ex 25% of sales on Etsy last November and December included a request to personalize an item.

1.2.6. Sale automation EtsyMarketingTool All in one Sale mgmt Pinterest publishing Fb publishing Banner mgmt excellent create video from phot! Post also on automatically Bulk edit Autorenew excellent Price Etsy on sale Automation « SALE » Replace picture during sale! Allow to scrap / backup photos Original photos set back after sale! Show OLD price before sale! Create special shop with only on sale! Out of etsy Multishop compatible Manage tags Autorenew [][1] [1]: Price Seller tools Free basic Automation freemium Buyers map Comparison Best Etsy Sales Tool

1.2.7. Catalog of producrs [][1] [1]: Create catalog of porducts Pretty strong Rather expensive Indesign template

1.2.8. INTEGRATIONS $$$ wave Greenback (freemium) Management Vela Mailng Mailfold NOT with mailchimp MailChimp for e-commerce Can not directly pull product details to create email with products Mailchimp integrates with a number of different shopping carts and e-commerce solutions, including:

1.2.9. Automation Auto post products to IG Pinterest Fb Bugffer integration [][1] [1]: Zappier: no IFTTT no

1.2.10. SHOPS Free themes for Fb page Displays Etsy products Optional ($] like gate Shopify SELLBRITE THE #1 MULTICHANNEL APP FOR ETSY Expensive Valuable for later Sellbrite [][1] [1]:

1.2.11. Misc Multiple users Not possible in Etsy But can use LASTPASS to store confidentially poassword & share with poeple (virtual assistant) LIST OF TOOLS 50 Apps to Manage and Grow Your Etsy Business - Small Business Trends A Really Big List of Etsy Tools & Resources (60+ and counting!) | Marketing Artfully Very useful little free tools Simple good mini tools [][1] [1]: [][1] [1]: : [][1] [1]: [][1] [1]: More Etsy integrated apps here iOS APPS Sell on Etsy Etsy (to browse) Shiposcop WEAK, buggy, maybe to try later on 1) Add a competing store and start tracking different metrics like total products, traffic, sales, important ratios etc on daily basis 2) Discover competing stores - we suggest number of competing stores after analyzing your products 3) Find most searched keywords by entering a broad term. Eg. You search for 'ring', Shopiscope will tell you related keywords (order by search count) that people are searching on Etsy like Diamond ring, Pearl ring, Index finger ring. 4) Keep a track of positive and negative reviews left by customers on your shop and your competing shops. 5) Once you get some useful information by using above-mentioned points, you can bulk edit your Etsy listings Untitled

1.2.12. TAGS Spacefem's Etsy Tag Analyzer Great! Use it now FREE

1.2.13. 150 Etsy apps for small business owners - Seller Tools Blog

1.2.14. Seller Tools Pricing - Seller Tools


1.3.1. PINTEREST Pinflux Bought 23$ & Pro 47$ Nice discovery mode Download area Some bonuses Training Good explanation of the pb find more group boards on [PinGroupie][1] [1]: Scheduler 3 days for 1$ The Best Pinterest Bot is MassPlanner GitHub - seregazhuk/php-pinterest-bot: This PHP library will help you to work with your Pinterest account without using any API account credentials. Conversion pixel Viralwoot Affiliate 20% Tailwind 9.99/month 1 Pinterest OR Instagram profile Schedule 400 Posts/month (Unlimited on Annual Plan) Import from

1.3.2. INSTAGRAM Postable Bought on stacksocial Automate your Instagram engagement on an unlimited number of accounts Easily schedule posts for your accounts Webapp runding on computer, but VPN Easily to start with, to sell, no VPS to rent [email protected] Features Tools to add more links to your bio - better with Postable directly ;-) • [Linktree][1] – they have a free option where they keep their branding and a paid one with a few extra features [1]: • [LnkBio][1] – they have a free plan which gives you a random link to use, and several paid ones with custom url creation and more goodies [1]: • [Link in profile][1] – they have a 30 days free trial, also pick up content from your Instagram feed and make it easy to add the link to it. [1]: • [Leadpages][1] – you can create a landing page easily here by using their templates, you will have to do the work yourself though [1]: [][1] [1]: Plan posts can use [Plan My Post][1] to schedule your posts ahead of time. [1]: Special price! Run Contests: Run a weekly contest where we give shirts away to fans who engage with our brand by tagging us and using our hash tag in their pictures. This drives more exposure and general engagement, and keeps people loyal and interested. IOS Apps Plannthat Quick Repos Respost+ Official Appz runs on Google Chrome browser on your desktop computer auto-like, auto-comment, auto-follow and auto-unfollow Price No proxy Buffer is weak Direct post Via phone stories??? Tailwind 9.99/month 1 Pinterest OR Instagram profile Schedule 400 Posts/month (Unlimited on Annual Plan) Import from Expert with full guide to grow IG Hack for Stories Instagram Stories only lets you post photos or videos that were taken within the last 24 hours Hacks here!

1.3.3. FACEBOOK IOS Friendly for Facebook by Friendly App Studio iOS app for ads mgmt Pixel Use [<u>this chrome extension][1]</u> by Facebook to make sure your pixel is working properly. [1]: Host contests and giveaways Advanced posts with SociCake Bought Allow agency mode HTML posts in Fb!

1.3.4. Pinterest + instagram TAILWIND Powerful Mostly powerful for pin (loops etc) just scheduler for ig **FEATURES** Looping posts on Pinterest! Tribe! People in niche reprinting your and vice versa iOS app Affiliate Price

1.3.5. YouTube Use app YouTube studio to manage (official) User Fivver Twin Sisters to present VR products / services

1.3.6. Multiple Bot [][1] [1]:

1.3.7. Social media planner Buffer 10 accounts 5/m Can post to instagram directly Buffer by Email [][1] [1]: Each update can be a maximum of 500 characters in length (140 for tweets). You are limited to a total of 250 updates and 25 selected profiles at a time but there are no daily caps. Good to auto post rich quotes! Also for my key mkt messages Hoot suite 50% ngo 7.5/m Youtube!


1.4.1. LemList Bought LT Dynamic email with text & photos customisable automatically See Hipo also! Auto create image with customisation (website screen shot, name...) Automation [][1] [1]: Zappier API 2f09186a7466cb724e01ebc40d6e3cf7 For Zapier Affiliate Link 30% [][1] [1]: Example of emails Untitled [][1] [1]:


1.4.3. EMAIL MKT Mailchimp Pricing Mailchimp makes it easy to create posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter right from the email builder. Ads Nonprofit Discount Pricing: 15% discou Or from landing page Landing page! Send such messages No direct integration with Etsy About Mailchimp Discounts Mailchimp VS SendinBlue - Up to 4x cheaper With a list of 2,000-2,500 subscribers, the paid rate is $30/month BEFORE MailChimp nonprofit pricing. You can score 15% off your monthly bill just for being a nonprofit. There’s also a 10% discount when you make your account super secure with two-factor identification, which really just means that you’ll take an extra step in the login process. Resend to people who didn’t open Mailerlite [][1] [1]: Free < 1000 Sendinblue Unlimited contacts Free for600/m mails 300 email par day 30$/m for more DRIP [Drip][1] has advanced functionality and an excellent solution for online businesses that use sales funnels [1]: Send these emails Custo thank you Newsletter New items Sale Special offer Event Blogpost lonks Email template Mailerlite [Mailerlite][1]  Is FREE up to 1K subscribers so great if you’re just getting started [1]: Email list validation [][1] [1]: SendGrid Pricing and Plans Free 40,000 emails for your first 30 days, then send 100/day, forever $0/mo

1.4.4. SEO Website Audit Semrush Website Auditor Tools to audit website / SEO Mac Apps here SEO all media Best tools TabSite | Promotions Apps to Grow Leads and Engagement Keywords search Keyword Tool Pro Plus SEMrush - Online Visibility Management Platform MORNINGSCORE Gamificationm of SEO Fully sponsored Monitor Keywords SEO Compare with others here affiliate Price BlogBing Keywords Free = 5 KW search Startup = 25/m NGO 50% SiteGuru The SEO tool that helps you find and fix issues All-In-One SEO Software & SEO Tools | SEO PowerSuite Ubersuggest

1.4.5. ADS Google Ads Adzooma Accounts Doeload Google Ads Edito Get free $$$ Facebook Ads Get free ads Also for /from NW Bigbigads Filter to show only ADS in my Fb account! Chrome extention Free Show only sponsored Need retargeting pixel Ad mgmt [][1] [1]: Fb Ad targeting / Pixel 5 Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies | WordStream You need at least 20 people to create a custom audience (we recommend at least a few thousand for greater ad distribution). It can take up to 24 hours for Facebook to populate a custom audience. Facebook Ecommerce: The Complete Beginner’s Guide | WordStream Facebook Lookalike Audiences helps you connect to people on Facebook who are similar to your customers. Use the insights you've gained from marketing on Facebook to increase your chances of reaching people who will be interested in your business. Lookalike Audiences are a fast and effective way to connect with more people who are likely to respond to your ads. You cannot place your opt in forms on Facebook or on other people's websites until now. In this video, I will show you how to use the only alternative to opt in forms that can be placed on other websites to get you email subscribers directly from the traffic source. Check it out: AdOptimizer Creates advariants Very interesting for agency Min volume of Ads = 300/m LTD here

1.4.6. COMPETITION Brand presence BlogBing Mentions

1.4.7. FOMO - FEEDBACK / SOCIAL PROOF / GIVEAWAY / SCARCITY Why? 2019 Best Social Proof and FOMO Apps, Widgets and Plugins for CRO [][1] [1]: NGO 100% sponsored Emoji left side to get feedback Get them to give @ [][1] [1]: NOTIFICATIONS ZoPush SOCIAL PROOF ( SCARCITY Popups sowing user activity HOVERSIGNAL Influence Croco AI Fomo | Pricing Provely ProveSource GIVEAWAY Sweepstake Kingsumo Wishpond REVIEWS & FEEDBACKS testimonials YOTPO Socialmonials

1.4.8. Lead Nurturing Lookalike Audience Finder - Postcards

1.4.9. Misc MKT TOOLS Largest list of Marketing tools Landing pages Nice pro design But MailChimp has also

1.4.10. GrowSurf Affiliate / referral system Very mature & versatile, pro! Price Until year end: FREE A free plan will be available 66/m 2 total campaigns 20,000 email credits / month 132 10 total campaigns 50,000 email credits / month My account

1.5. OTHER TOOLS to review

1.5.1. Paddle - Simple, all inclusive pricing

1.5.2. Hemingway Editor

1.5.3. PostOn

1.5.4. Stencil Price

1.5.5. - Make your website’s conversion rate better. Instantly.

1.5.6. Automatic Script

1.5.7. Omniconvert Lifetime Deal - Survey, test and segment w/ the

1.5.8. Spin Rewriter 9.0 - Article Spinner with ENL Semantic Spinning - Loved by 125,000+ Members

1.5.9. RightMessage - Plans and Pricing

1.5.10. PicAds Pro: e-Commerce Promotion Ads Creator

1.5.11. Elfsight Apps 24+ Website Widgets

1.5.12. Tenor GIF Keyboard - Bring Personality To Your Conversations

1.5.13. LetReach | Why Browser Push Notifications | Re-engage web traffic using Push Notifications

1.5.14. Clyde

1.5.15. Feedly

1.5.16. Birla

1.5.17. RightMessage Price Personalization of web (?)

1.5.18. Cloudinary

1.5.19. SocialPilot Similar to Buffer but with branding option! Free for basic $5/m for branding (e.g. posted by

1.6. SERPtrust

1.6.1. Backlinks

1.6.2. Affordable Guest Posts - a wide variety of websites that accept guest posts in virtually any niche.

1.6.3. Effective Link Insertions - select a site from our list, choose a post, and we will insert your link there.

1.6.4. Premium Blog Links - simply fill out the order form to order contextual links at our premium blog network.

1.6.5. Managed Hybrid Outreach - a mix of guest posts from our database and custom outreach for highly relevant links.

1.6.6. $$$