Inquiry Project

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Inquiry Project by Mind Map: Inquiry Project

1. My Question

1.1. How does portable technology (like iPads and LeapFrog readers) help students on the Autism spectrum learn to read and/or communicate?

1.2. Why?

1.2.1. Communication struggles

1.2.2. Marketing towards students

1.2.3. iPad possibilities

2. My Process

2.1. Formal sources

2.1.1. Google Scholar

2.1.2. UFLibrary website

2.2. Informal sources

2.2.1. Google

2.3. Keywords

2.3.1. Autism

2.3.2. Technology

2.3.3. LeapFrog

2.3.4. iPad

2.3.5. Reading

2.3.6. Communication

2.3.7. Disability

3. My Answer

3.1. Use the technology to encourage vocal communication

3.1.1. Sign language or vocal communication is preferred over PECS.

3.1.2. Compare electronic PECS to paper.

3.2. Use hand held technology that pronounces words and phrases when touched over those that do not.

3.2.1. Helps students self-monitor.

3.2.2. Helps students focus on the reading.

3.2.3. LeapFrog TAG.

3.3. Use portable technology to promote independence and self-monitoring in students.

3.3.1. Give power back to student.

3.3.2. Use organization apps and time managing apps.

3.3.3. Self-monitor when reading with portable technological assistance.

4. My Information

4.1. Synthetic Speech and Computer Aided Reading for Reading Disabled Children

4.1.1. A study with mainstream students and students with disabilities.

4.1.2. Compared normal reading and computer-aid reading.

4.1.3. Little difference in reading skills.

4.1.4. Independence, self-monitoring and motivation increase in students with reading disabilities.

4.1.5. Older students benefited more than younger students.

4.1.6. Troubles with computer.

4.2. For Children with Autism, iPads an Attractive Option

4.2.1. Picture Exchange Communication System.

4.2.2. Organization apps with reminders and lists.

4.2.3. Motor skills compared to computer.

4.2.4. Portable and easy to customize.

4.2.5. May not work for everyone. Not enough research.

5. Image credits:

5.1. Question mark:

5.2. Books:

5.3. Information:

5.4. Puzzle: