A Microsoft Planner Personal Review

UT EME 641 - Gill

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A Microsoft Planner Personal Review by Mind Map: A Microsoft Planner Personal Review

1. Challenges with Planner?

1.1. Planner does not offer many of the advanced features you would find in independent project management tools like:

1.1.1. 10 Best Project Managers for Teams in 2019

1.2. It is very limited on completion options. Essentially you can Start, In Progress, or complete the task. There is no percentages. Also the task disappear when you complete them and turn into a text line... boring!

1.3. Trying to collaborate with teams outside of office 365 - forget-a-bout-it! This tool is very proprietary and even competes against itself when it comes to users within a different domain. (UT student and staff). It is fickle to initially setup so you must be in your domain account before trying to create a group or Sharepoint.

2. What do I like about Planner?

2.1. Planner integrates in the Office 365 suite fluidly allowing me to attach any of the Microsoft content I create directly to task.

2.2. I can report on any portion of the project without having to use 3rd-party software

2.3. It is a basic management tool with a very short learning curve.

3. What is Microsoft Planner?

3.1. Planner is a project management tool that makes it easy users to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress.

4. What does Planner look like?

4.1. Microsoft Planner Overview

5. Thanks For Watching!