Costa Rica Support Levels Team

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Costa Rica Support Levels Team by Mind Map: Costa Rica Support Levels Team

1. Custom Apps IS Group

1.1. VP: Paul Challe

1.2. Corporate Manager: Sandeep Hirekerur

1.2.1. IT Service Center Service: 24X7, communication in English. Internacional number: 888-455-4357/ ext: 22600. Email: [email protected] Coverage: Network Accounts and Password reset. Access to Share Folder. Sap Printer Issues. Outlook Vault Issue. Support to Corporate application: PRIMO, SAP, Winchill, Kronos, etc. Thin client out of BSC domain. VPN Access Issues.

2. Customer Service Team

2.1. Supervisor: Tobias Umana

2.1.1. Coyol Team: Glen Solorzano Jesseylis Alvarado Richard Badilla

2.1.2. Responsibility: Repair and Maintenance: Laptops, Desktop, Thin Clients and Printer installation. Local Applications Installation. Installation and configuration: Phone and headset. Sharepoint Acces. Activation of network port. Request Ticket: [email protected] Schedule: Monday to Fridays from 6 AM to 5 PM.

2.1.3. Heredia Team: Jennifer Vargas Victor Sanchez

3. Infrastruture Team

3.1. Manager: Luia Mejia

3.1.1. Coyol Team: Michael Espinoza Mauricio Ugalde

3.1.2. Responsibility: Server applications, Storage and Backups. Network Maintenance(cabling and equipment) Site Communications. Request Ticket: [email protected] Schedule: Infrastructure Support On Call from 6 PM to 6 AM. Network related issues only.

3.1.3. Heredia Team Ignacio Abarca Samuel XX

4. International IS Group

4.1. VP:T om Woehrle

4.2. Corporate Director: Jan Smets

4.3. Regional Manager: Luis Mejia

5. Custom Applications Team

5.1. Boss:XX

5.2. Team: Vianey Alfaro

5.2.1. Responsibility: Corporate Aplications development. Local Database Support. Local Sharepoint Support.