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Bit by Bit One by Mind Map: Bit by Bit One

1. Giap Brand

1.1. My Life

1.1.1. Giap

1.1.2. My Core Family

1.1.3. My Family

1.1.4. My Community

1.2. My Passions

1.2.1. SuperSelf

1.2.2. Nature Landscapes

1.2.3. Music

1.2.4. Humour

1.2.5. Chinese

1.2.6. Art Design Architecture Urbanity Art Design

2. GiapOne iQin

3. Classification

3.1. GiapOne iQin

3.1.1. Giap Brand My Life My Core Family My Family My Community My Passions SuperSelf Nature Landscapes Music Humour Chinese Art Design

3.1.2. Giap Biz Qshop Qdigital Qhealth SuperBodyShape

4. Giap Biz

4.1. Qshop

4.1.1. Qshop Team General 1. Targeted readers Content Marketing SuperSelf Goals 1. Find Your Why Social Retailing 1. Why and how to build Thiam Hua as a base Prospecting 1. How to connect with people who needs SHOP.COM UnFranchise Biz. UBP Alice Chen. Penang. Friday. 06.09.12 Recruiting UnFranchise Business 1. 2 min Commercial Learning Local Seminar Alice Chen. Penang. Saturday. 07.09.19 ABC Pattern

4.1.2. Qshop

4.2. Qdigital

4.3. QHealh

4.4. SuperBodyShape