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land on share a care site by Mind Map: land on share a care site

1. start a campaign

1.1. sign up

1.1.1. multistep form start a campaign? step 1: name, email, pwd find a campaign? step 1: name, email, pwd

2. find/help a campaign

2.1. find a campaign they like

2.1.1. click on a button to donate login or sign up back to campaign page to donate

3. see how it works

3.1. what is it?

3.1.1. process for creating a campaign (4 steps) finding a campaign what makes us unique (features)

4. Login

4.1. get started page

4.1.1. login get started page find a campaign start a campaign my campaigns my account

4.1.2. find a campaign search campaign page search field filters: category, location, most raised, least raised, newest, oldest, name campaigns (image, title, location, raised, goal, date posted, verified badge) found campaign

4.1.3. start a campaign one time pop up of important info (permission, personal health info, etc.) step 1: How to collect donations, amount needed, the benficiary

4.1.4. my campaigns campaign name, benficiary, URL, share options, create new campaign button, de-activate campaign button, delete campaign button, status (raised, goal)

4.1.5. my account name, email, profile picture, save changes button settings method of collecting donations, communication settings (updates via email), save changes button

5. sign up

6. about

6.1. the story