COMM391 Section 201 Intro

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COMM391 Section 201 Intro by Mind Map: COMM391 Section 201 Intro

1. Assuming four-square's main utility function is to check in to places and access special discounts without providing personal information, it is more popular because it's more private.

1.1. In contrast, Facebook's check in app is for more social purposes.

2. Facebook and Foursquare cater to different audiences

2.1. Facebook focuses on connecting with others

2.2. Foursquare is more about getting exclusive offers and telling people where you are

3. Group 101

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4. Foursquare did well but Places check-in is not as popular, why?

5. Group 105

6. Group 106

7. Group 107

7.1. Checking in on Facebook's purpose is to update your social network on your activities

7.2. Places wasn't as detailed as foursquare in terms of showing users more deals and opportunities for saving money. Foursquare also gave the option of rewarding it's users for frequent visits to a certain places, encouraging users to continue visiting the place. Foursquare is specifically catered for checking into places while Facebook is more used a social media tool, not too much viewing where people have checked in.

8. Group 116

8.1. Centralized site for knowing about discounts/promotions

8.2. Foursquare can provide a 'closer' circle of friends that you want to share your information with, where as facebook, ALL your friends will receive notice

9. Group 117

9.1. Foursquare incentivizes your check in with points, mayorships etc. Check in does not. Foursquare allows you to compete agaisnt friends to rank up the most number of points, Facebook does not. Facebook only has a check-in for its own sake, its not a fun game!

10. Group 118

10.1. Differences

10.1.1. Facebook Possibly a more convenient place to put your location down, as it is connected to a social media site that many people already use

10.1.2. Four Square Has a specialized purpose, more efficient as a result. Facebook has an overload of information, so people filter out the things they find less important, such as places Four Square has a reward system of discounts/deals based on the # of check-ins whereas Places only serves a social function. GAMES WIN!

11. Group 119

11.1. Foursquare was first to the market segment

11.2. Foursquare has more details and options for users, whereas Facebook 'Places' is quite simple

11.2.1. 'Places' has no other purposes except sharing locations

11.2.2. Foursquare incentivizes your visit by teasing you with badges, achievements, and points. It has an entirely separate social networking aspect that Facebook lacks.

11.3. Advice for users based on their location and preferences: Location Awareness Marketing

11.4. Mapping device option superior to 'Places'

12. Group 120

12.1. Facebook Places gives no incentive to check in because whereas foursquare gives rewards, discounts etc for loyalty

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13. Group 115

13.1. Foursquare can be tailored to a more specific group of friends, so not everyone on your Facebook knows where you are.

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13.2. They have special achievements on Foursquare

13.2.1. You can be the mayor of a restaurant or establishment; can't do that on Places People enjoy the achievement or non material success that they can achieve

13.3. Business can provide incentives to use foursquare over Places through special offers via Foursquare

13.4. Foursquare's been around longer

13.4.1. Reward loyalty

13.5. A lot of people don't have data; Places did mobile phone checkins only for the longest time

14. Group 114

14.1. Four square is personally downloaded by individuals who are interest in letting only a select group of people know where they are, compared to Facebook where all their friends would have the information

14.2. I think it depends on what thing are you trying to focus, because many people may want to know more things about their friends rather than their location and with foursquare you cannot do that. I think each one has their specific market.

15. Group 113

15.1. People use Foursquare to update where they are; for its places function. Facebook users don't necessarily use Facebook for the places function but many different functions without care for using the places function.

15.1.1. There is a rewards program to using Foursquare beyond just checking in to update where you are.

15.2. You can have people on Facebook that you don't want to know where you are

15.2.1. New node

15.3. Its complicated to turn on the places function on Facebook

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16. Group 111

16.1. Foursquare rewards frequent/returning users, but Facebook places did not.

16.2. Due to the fact that many FB users associate FB with "stalking", they may be less reluctant to share their location. Foursquare may seem more safe.

17. Group 108

18. Group 109

18.1. Another perspective is that people may want to know reviews for movies or restaurants, and checking into places can provide that; as it lets people know that you have been to that place. This also puts the privacy issue into play.

18.2. Places isn't necessary because people don't find the need to share with others where they are throughout the day UNLESS there is something significant about the place they are at, whether that's a special deal or promotion.

19. Group 110

19.1. Place does not give people a incentive to continue using the system. Foursquare offers rewards and benefits for its users creating customer loyalty and a reason for them to return. Foursquare allows the opportunity for businesses to attract new customers and keep good relations with current customers by displaying the business promotion or discount.

20. Group 104

20.1. foursquare is more specific and provides an incentive for users to check in for rewards such as discounts

20.2. cater to different kinds of users

21. Group 103

21.1. Award system encourages people to go back

21.2. Facebook - too many friends. Creepy to tell everyone where you are. Instead, Foursquare has a more limited network. Can be for more personal purposes like tracking where you've been.

21.3. You can post tips of what you enjoyed at that establishment (ie. restaurant, which dish is good) so when other people check in, they can see that.

22. Group 102

22.1. meeting up with friends

22.2. meeting up with friends

22.3. Foursquare provides more incentive for users to check-in. (ie. discounts, badges)

22.4. Check out whats nearby

22.5. Foursquare also allows users to follow companies and receive offers tailored to their preferences.

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25. Group 112

25.1. More people use foursquare because there is a monetary incentive for both consumers and business to use the application. For example if you frequent a certain store you can receive discounts which helps both the consumer and store and the title "Mayor" which creates and game between consumers. Foursquare is private so only the business knows that you are near and dont need to tell everybody on your Facebook account. Places' main function is letting your friends know where you are and what you are doing.

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