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ScavengerAR APP by Mind Map: ScavengerAR APP

1. Who

1.1. Users looking for a new social group

1.1.1. Independent singles looking to broaden network and social group

1.2. Users looking for an alternative gaming activity

1.2.1. Mixed group from all Gen's

1.3. Users looking to arrange a social group avtivity

1.3.1. Gen X & Y Parents arranging Gen Alpha (child) activities

1.3.2. Gen X bored of mainstream entertainment

1.3.3. Gen Y&Z (Millenial) looking for new digital experiences

2. Why

2.1. This gaming experience will provide another alternative to the usual social group entertainment of eating and drinking. It also provides an opportunity for users to create new social groups by joining or sharing their Scavenger Hunt with others.

3. When

3.1. 24/7. The flexibility is with the User.

4. Where

4.1. This experience can be played anywhere which can receive a GPS signal and therefore requires practically no infrastucture.

5. What

5.1. An application that allows users to build and play scavenger hunts with waypoints featured in Augmented reality. Users can use their handheld smartphones or tablets to play portably or if they have access to the tech, application shall be designed for Hololens.

6. How

6.1. Application can be accessed portably via smartphone or tablet and in the future by Hololens or IWear Glasses or alternatively a desktop version of the application can be used to create experiences.