The Legislative Branch

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The Legislative Branch by Mind Map: The Legislative Branch

1. House of Representatives

1.1. The Senate has 100 members. Each state has two Senators.

1.2. Senators are elected every 6 years. To become a Senator a person must be at least 30 years old, have been a US citizen for at least 9 years, and must live in the state they represent.

2. Making Laws and Other Powers

2.1. For a law to be made it must go through a bunch of steps called the Legislative Process. The first step is for someone to write a bill. Anyone can write a bill, but only a member of Congress can present it to the Congress.

2.2. The Legislative Branch also has the power to declare war on other countries.

3. Senate

3.1. Representatives are elected every two years. They must be 25 years old, have been a US citizen for at least 7 years, and live in the state they represent

3.2. There are 435 total Representatives in the House. Each state has a different number of representatives depending on their total population. States with more people get more representatives.