Computer Input & Output Devices

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Computer Input & Output Devices by Mind Map: Computer Input & Output Devices

1. Input Devices

1.1. Any computer peripheral that can be used to enter data into a computer.

1.2. Graphic Tablets

1.2.1. A graphic tablet has a stylus and an electronic pad that allows you to draw diagrams, create art work and highlight material on a document.

1.2.2. Benefits: They are great for annotation and creativity.

1.2.3. Drawbacks: Graphic tablet software is not always compatable with all computers so you have to be careful to choose one that will work with your computer.

1.2.4. Application: Graphic Tablets are great for going over answers on a worksheet because you can write the answers directly on the worksheet which is displayed for the students, similar to an overhead projector.

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2. Outputs Devices

2.1. Output devices are piece of harware that moves information out of the computer.

2.2. Ex. LCD Projector

2.2.1. An LCD projector attaches to a computer and projects what is on the computer monitor.

2.2.2. Benefits: Great for displaying information, presentations, website or web videos for a large group of people to see.

2.2.3. Drawbacks: LCD projectors cost several hundred dollars and their bulbs are expensive to replace. They need to be placed on a cart and be attached to a computer to work or they have to be mounted in the ceiling.

2.2.4. Application: LCD projectors make displaying computer based information easier. They are great for when students need to present projects or when teachers need to visual present information to a class.

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