Problem solving - Case 1

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Problem solving - Case 1 by Mind Map: Problem solving - Case 1

1. Want

1.1. Dev

1.1.1. Increase effort to 16hrs to 40hrs

1.1.2. Extend timeline

1.2. BA

1.2.1. Increase effort to 16hrs to 40hrs

1.2.2. Extend timeline

1.3. Client

1.3.1. Don't increase effort

1.3.2. Don't extend timeline

2. Issues

2.1. The plugin client sent is a simple code, not a plugin --> under estimate from dev team

3. Solution

3.1. Dev

3.1.1. Re-estimation

3.2. BA

3.2.1. Make a decision on increase effort

3.2.2. Discuss the issue with dev to dropped effort to the lowest possible

3.2.3. Discuss the issue with client to persuade Increase effort Extend timeline

4. Results

4.1. Effort

4.1.1. Dev Agree to do it for free Extend timeline Not extend timeline To do that in an effort to reduce to the lowest possible To do that with normal effort

4.1.2. BA Persuade success To success in increase effort To success in extend timeline Persuade fail To fail in increase effort To fail in extend timeline

4.1.3. Client Agree to increase effort Agree to extend effort