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R6 Siege by Mind Map: R6 Siege

1. Dynamics

1.1. Combat

1.2. Strategy

1.2.1. Game-plan Operator Selection Bringing the right tools for the job Synergy between operators Prep-phase Attackers Defenders Maneuvers Offensive Defensive

1.3. Teamwork

1.3.1. Communication Giving instructions Sharing information Sharing ideas

2. Mechanics

2.1. Movement

2.1.1. Walk

2.1.2. Crouch

2.1.3. Prone

2.1.4. Sprint

2.1.5. Environment dependent Vault Rappell

2.1.6. Silent step Reducing movement noise

2.2. Leaning (Left/Right)

2.3. Using equipment

2.3.1. Handheld Weapons Primary & secondary Melee Tools Phone Logic Bomb DIY blowtorch Shields G52 tactical shield Extendable shield CCE shield Launchers Garra hook Pests Airjab KS79 LIFELINE X-kairos

2.3.2. Wearable Glance HEL Removing self from enemy camera feeds Nanobot shot Activating nano-boost Healing Boosting movement speed Reducing weapon recoil Reviving downed teammates ERC-7 Eyenox model 3 Displaying defender footprints Tagging enemy

2.3.3. Placeable Cover Shield Volcán shield Cameras Bulletproof cam Evil Eye Explosives Traps Welcome mat Obstacles Barbed-wire Environment dependent Barricades Reinforcements Exo-thermic charge APM-6 cluster charge UTP1-Universal Tactical Panel Black Mirror EDD-MK II CED-1 Shock Wire

2.3.4. Throwable Explosives Frag grenade Impact grenade C4 Flash Flash grenade Candela Traps Grzmot mine Gu mine Prisma Obstacles Track stingers Environment dependent Rtila Electroclaw Camera Drone Yokai

2.3.5. Aerial EE-ONE-D Remote triggering ability

2.4. Sound

3. Aesthetics

3.1. Game environment

3.1.1. Maps