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1. Human rights

1.1. Investigation into Human Rights Violations

1.1.1. Prosecution and holing parties accountable

1.2. The Roots of Human Rights violations

1.2.1. How to fix and address cultural and historic persecution and discrimination

1.3. Refugees

1.3.1. The Burden of Refugees on other countries

1.3.2. Providing safe and sustainable lives for refugees

2. International Pressure

2.1. The debate between intervention and non-intervention

2.1.1. How to overcome the divide to create meaningful progress

2.1.2. Motivations behind the divide

2.1.3. The effectiveness of pressure on the government and military of Myanmar or on the Rohingya people

3. Legislation

3.1. Creating a sustainable constitution that restricts the military's power

3.2. Citizenship Law

3.3. Creating legislation to combat discrimination and granting Rohigya citizenship

4. Terrorism

4.1. ARSA walking the line between rebel and terrorist group

4.2. Classification of Terrorism depending on Perspective

4.3. Influence and Recruitment from other terror groups

5. Politics

5.1. The government sanctioned discrimination of Rohingya

5.1.1. Constitutional and Legislative causes of the discrimination Laws allowing for direct discrimination of Rohingya Citizenship Act Not recognizing Rohingya as a cultural group or citizens, leading to human rights abuses Military controlled government

5.1.2. Historical and Cultural causes of the discrinination British Colonial rule and the transition out of it The hiring of Rohingya from outside of Myanmar to create the first Rohingya population in Myanmar Buddhist revival and dislike of the "outsider" muslim religion

5.2. The influence of the military old guard over the government

5.2.1. A way to allow the military to retain its power without the clear negative factors of abuse of Rohingya for example

5.2.2. Possible governmental change to fix the issues at hand and the power controlled by the military

5.2.3. Way of balancing or controlling or checking the military power over the government without overhauling the government

6. Violence

6.1. Mass-Killings of Rohingya

6.1.1. Combatting the mililtary mission against the Rohingya

6.1.2. Investingating the truth behind claims of ethnic cleansing

6.2. ARSA attacks against the Burmese government

6.3. The possibility of terrorist militia joining the fight

6.4. Finding a peaceful way to coexist