Educational Technology

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Educational Technology by Mind Map: Educational Technology

1. Vision of K-12 Technology

1.1. Share information with each other

1.2. More honors students in china

1.3. Consume

1.3.1. Remix

2. Shifts Happens

2.1. Preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist

2.2. China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world

2.3. Using technologies that haven't been invented

3. New node

4. 3 phases

4.1. Chalk and talk

4.2. Student reads textbooks and perhaps responds to them using traditional short answer questions

4.3. Students produce their own work (ie poster, presentation, model, etc.)

4.4. Students use technology to access content knowledge

5. Looking Backward, thinking foward

5.1. There's always something new, change is a constant

5.2. Many physical classrooms today look eerily similar to those of the past century

5.3. Technology is changing the world

5.4. Predictions and forecast are tricky things; many smart people have gotten it wrong in the pas, and some to get it wrong in the future

6. New node

7. The 21st Century Learner

7.1. Technologiacl

7.2. Communication

7.3. Colaboration

7.4. Creation