Online Formative Assessments

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Online Formative Assessments by Mind Map: Online Formative Assessments

1. Kahoot (free): There is a library of online interactive quizzes or the teacher can create their own. The teacher chooses a quiz, a code is created, the students then login to kahoot on their devices and type in the code. Once they are in the game, they add their name. Once everyone is in, the quiz begins. The questions and options are available on the main screen. The students choose the shape/color on their device that corresponds with the answer they want. After each round, points are given to the students that got it correct. At the end of the game, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are detemrined.

2. Quizziz(free): Teachers either create a new quiz completely, use someone else's quiz, or use a multitude of teacher created questions and form your own quiz. Students can play from home or at school at their own pace and quizziz grades it for the teacher.

3. Google Forms (free): The teacher can create a quiz, exit ticket, worksheet, or survey. Then the form can be shared with the student and they make take it onine. The teacher can have the assessment automatically graded.

4. Padlet(free): Padlet allows for students to create projects/presentations about a topic. Students can also join a padlet which means they can answer questions from other padlets that have been created. A teacher could create a padlet and share it with their students and have them answer the questions. Padlet is great for collaboration because the answer to the questions can be displayed on the screen for others to see.

5. Tellagami (free): This is an app that allows the teacher or student to create a video using an animated character. Then the person can record their voice or type a message for their animated character to say. This could be used as a formative assessment because the student could have their character respond to a comprehension question, create a book review, or answer a list of questions.

6. Quizlet (free): Quizlet is an online platform that is loaded with flashcards and games to help students study for the topics. Also quizlet allows for collaborative quizzing where students work together to answer quiz questions.

7. Socrative (free) : This allows for students to quiz quickly and see results quickly. The teacher can create a quiz, multiple choice, true/false, exit ticket, or the teacher can allow for students to play a game called "space launch". With space launch, the teacher can turn the quiz into a competitive game where students try to get their rocket ship to the end first by answering questions correct.

8. GimKit(basic is free): This is a game that allows students to answer the questions on their devices. Students can earn in-game cash by answering the questions right but lose in-game cash if they get it wrong. Teachers are provided with a report of their students data, assign homework, and allow for kitcollab which each student contributes a question and a quiz is formed.

9. EdPuzzle (free): This is a site that allows for students to watch videos that the teacher can assign. The teacher can check to make sure the students are understanding by inserting quiz questions throughout the video. The teacher can also see how many times the students watched the videos and add their own voice narration to the quiz questions.

10. ClassMarker (free) : Teachers are able to create custom quizzes and tests for their students to take. The tests can be automatically graded and the data can be analyzed.

11. Quizalize (free): This online platform allows the user to pick a pre-made quiz or create their own. Teachers can assign quizzes to their students and then receive the data afterwords. The site will tell the teacher who needs more assistance and the teacher can assign activities/lessons to these students to work on those topics.

12. Formative (free): With Formative you can create an assessment from scratch, choose a pre-made one, or upload one. Then you can edit the assessment and add spots for student to answer questions. The educator can allow for students to respond live and analyze the results. You can integrate the tools you need and track student growth over time.

13. Mentimeter (free): This platform allows for the user to create presentations. The teacher can create a presentation and insert questions, polls, and quizzes for their students to take. The students could create a presentation to show what they know about a topic which would be a good formal assessment.

14. PlayPosit (free): This is a program that allows for interactive videos. The program allows for integration. The educator can ensure there are multiple choice questions or graded fill in the blanks. Immediate data is available and feedback can be provided to students

15. Vivi (Costs money): This tool has many features such as in class assessments, wireless screen mirroring, student well-being polls, etc. Formative assessments can be created on Vivi as multiple choice, enter the text, or true/false. Data can be tracked for the educator. This is a program that allows for learning to be online and collaborative. The program was created in Australia and is not free to download.

16. FlipGrid (free): Teachers can add discussion style questions and students can respond with video responses. Educators can assess students through their answers and see what they are thinking. It allows for students to be involved and have a voice.

17. NearPod (free): This allows for interactive lessons that can include virtual field trips, quizzes, lessons, videos, and polls. Teachers can create a live lesson where all students devices are on the same lesson and then ask them questions in which they answer. The teacher can see the students answers individually or as a group.

18. (free): This tool is filled with options to formally assess your students. You can choose from a scavenger hunt, timeline, matching game, etc. These are options that students may find fun but you are still gathering information on what they know about the topics.

19. Spiral(free unless you want to upgrade): Educators can send out a quick formative assessment and see what their students are thinking. They can also turn public videos into live conversations with students and incorporate quizzes and questions. Interactive and collaborative presentations are also an option. Student led assignments and a student portfolio is an option.

20. Triventy (free): This is a collaborative online quiz format. You can use the library of quizzes or create your own. Students can add questions to the quiz. The teacher puts the quiz on the main screen.Students will join the quiz using a link. The students then complete the quiz as it is placed on the main screen and the results are displayed.