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1. Goals / Mission

2. Competitive Research Analysis

2.1. Conserving Imperiled Species

2.2. Wildlife Conservation | Initiatives | WWF



3. Brand UI Kit

3.1. What branding are we following? Is it DIO or we can come up with our own

3.2. Imagery, are they going to provide or we have to use our stock photos account?

3.3. Do they need a new Logo? Fav Icon is almost invisible...

4. Content / Information Architechture

4.1. Are we allowed to use content strategies to improve the UX of the site?

4.2. Card sorting needed for organizing content, specially navigation areas

4.3. Need to think Home Page / Landing page more Informative

4.4. Migration Strategies - Content Mapping

5. Timeline

5.1. what is the timeline we are looking towards??

5.2. Is it 6 Sprints as per the RFP Response

6. UX Questions / Research

6.1. What existing known user issues they face

6.2. What their users like the most on the site

6.3. Usability Testing

6.4. Can we have access to user base? If not can we use paid tools like or usercrowd?

7. Any Blogs / Social Media updates?

8. Drupal Approach / Content Management Facet UX

8.1. Taxonomies


9. Accessibility 508

9.1. Contrast Checker WebAIM: Contrast Checker

9.2. Testing against WAVE tools on Chrome

10. Training Documents, While working on CMS Backend for Content Managers Guide

11. Search

11.1. Current Search is with (powered by Bing)

11.2. Do we need to add our own global search or we are going to use the same search engine and skin it with our need / brand kit

11.3. Autocomplete / search with tables (Use of Datatable)

12. FrontEnd

12.1. Any Specific framework, I did not see any specific mentions about it

12.2. ✨ Your best Front-End Tool ✨