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Sotel 2020 by Mind Map: Sotel 2020

1. Portfolios

1.1. Not these

1.2. A long time coming, 7 years of discussions before they pulled the trigger

1.3. All nurses in Waitemata now complete their portfolios using Mahara

1.4. All nurses in Waitemata now complete their portfolios using Mahara

1.5. Development of a platform that is made available to all healthcare providers in NZ

1.6. New features added

1.6.1. Page instructions made available in each page

1.6.2. Competency framework made available

1.6.3. Option to sign off once complete by both nurse and educator

2. UDL

2.1. 1 in 4 have some sort of physical or cognitive disability

2.2. Design out any unnecessary barriers

2.3. Whose job is it?

2.4. Tools to support

2.5. Considerations

2.6. Curriculum design

3. Peppy virtual reality aid for teaching biochemistry

3.1. Originally physical models, restrictions on how big and complex the model can be and limited ability to see the impacts of force etc

3.2. VR version allowed for large models and manipulation with hands

3.2.1. The game

3.3. How it was used in class

3.3.1. More teaching workflow

4. Reflections on the use of design thinking

4.1. The online learning environment

4.2. Journey mapping used

4.2.1. Interviews and focus groups Used These changes made available in core Stakeholder mapping also used

4.3. Positive feedback from students

5. Learning analytics data to support student learning

5.1. A course designed for students without a business background to do a business masters

5.2. Challenge to flip the classroom

5.2.1. Used quizzes in place of the old worksheets. No weighting or time limit, but due prior to the session. No answers provided until after the tutorials are all finished Hints provided in the quiz Challenges with economics and graphs Over 80% completed the quizzes Increased engagement during the tutorials Improved performance Trial over 3 weeks, then asked for feedback. Complaints after they stopped them

5.3. Iteration 2

5.3.1. Made use of OnTask Indicidualised feedback Positive student responses

6. Learner agency

6.1. Is this binary? Does it have to be all or nothing?

6.2. What is learned agency?

6.3. How can we better enable learners to learn the way they want

6.4. Need to find out from learners what is going on with them. Why are they here what do they want to get out of being here

6.5. Competence as a start point, not the end. Consider how to move towards capability

6.6. Applications of learner agency

6.7. The learning leader: new skills