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1. Types of this.

1.1. It seeks to imitate its shape or figure: seeks to somehow copy its structure and texture.

1.1.1. Seeks to imitate the process, the process of the natural world: processes like self-organizing communication Imitating entire ecosystems:imitates how they live together.

2. Problems Mentioned

2.1. One problem that is evident in the video is the bullet train, which, when it passes through the tunnels, pushes waves of atmospheric pressure that generates a sound heard 400 meters around.

3. It is the science that studies nature to technologically innovate problems that nature has solved in life.

3.1. La recombinación genética es el proceso mediante el cual los elementos genéticos contenidos en el genoma de diferentes individuos se combina.

4. Observations

4.1. The group of scientists noted that to solve the problem they had to look at the beaks of birds.

5. Solution

5.1. To achieve the solution to the problem, they looked at the Martin fisherman bird, who when throwing bullets into the water noticed that the bullet that looked like the kingfisher beak was the one that splashed the least and thus solved it.

6. Examples:

6.1. For example The shark skin that is inspiration for ships and planes.

6.1.1. As ants organize to meet their needs, so do autonomous vehicles moving in groups around the city talking to each other. A beehive can be an inspiration to create a city where everyone serves a king or queen.