Hospitality sectors

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Hospitality sectors by Mind Map: Hospitality sectors

1. Divided into:

1.1. Hotel

1.1.1. Resort Hotels Luxurious and provide many facilities

1.1.2. Boutique Hotels Luxurious and stylish in design, and set in unique locations Provide accomodation to airline crews and staff, people travelling on business trips

1.1.3. Budget Hotels offer no-frills services

1.1.4. Airport Hotels

1.1.5. Business and conference hotels Offer business and recreational services

1.1.6. Eco-Hotels They are built using ecp-friendly materials and offer eco-serviced

2. Other types:

2.1. Farms

2.1.1. Farmers and landowners have converted farm buildings into accommodation

2.2. Youth hostels

2.2.1. Offer shared rooms in dormitories, kitchen and generally hostels are part of Hostelling International.

2.3. Hall of residence

2.3.1. Where students live during the academic year with en-suite bedroom and others services. They are basically located near campus.

2.4. Camping, caravan and motorhome parks

2.4.1. they provide space of tents, caravans and trailers. Most of them have pitches with water and electricity hook-up points.

3. Guest Accommodation

3.1. Divided Into:

3.2. Bed and breakfast

3.2.1. room and breakfast

3.3. Country inn/pub

3.3.1. Bar and food at lunchtime and in the evening

3.4. Guest houses

3.4.1. More rooms than B&B

3.5. Farm Houses

3.5.1. Rustic accommodation

3.6. Serviced apartments

3.6.1. Offer comfort, privacy and flexibiblity

4. Self-catering accommodation

4.1. Household appliances (cutlery + crockery)

4.2. Divided into:

4.3. Studios

4.3.1. Small flats that combine living room, bedroom and kitchenette into one single room

4.4. Apartments

4.4.1. Has kitchen, living room and one bedroom

4.5. Cottages and bungalows

4.5.1. Usually located in costal or rural settings

4.6. Chalets and cabins

4.6.1. Are more common in mountain areas

4.7. Houseboats

4.7.1. Tourists can cruising along rivers and canals

4.8. House swap

4.8.1. Two parties agree to swap their homes for a set period of time