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🥇Concept map for CELL CYCLE mind map Please register by link 👉 https://bit.ly/3btQtKQ 🔴 by Mind Map: 🥇Concept map for CELL CYCLE  mind map Please register by link 👉 https://bit.ly/3btQtKQ 🔴






5.1. G1, growth

5.2. S phase, DNA synthesis

5.3. G2, growth





10. GOAL

11. To create new cells and replace old and worn-out ones for a correct body functionament. It's involved in most of our cell division body needs.

12. To produce gametes or sex cells (sperm and eggs) for reproduction.

13. 1. Prophase

13.1. The chromosomes are condensing and getting ready to split. The centrosomes are moving to their positions.

14. 2. Metaphase

14.1. The chromosomes have been moved to in a straight line in the middle by the spindles of the centrosomes.

15. 3. Anaphase

15.1. The spindles are dividing the chromosomes in two chromatids, each one of them moving to opposite poles.

16. 4. Telophase

16.1. The chromatids reach the poles and join in a new nucleus. After this step, cytokinesis happens (which isn't part of Mitosis anymore), in which the cell divides in two.

17. Prophase I

17.1. The chromosomes are condensing and pairing up with their homologous pairs forming tetrads. They are joined by synapsis. Crossing over also occurs, which is the exchange of genes to make variety.

18. Metaphase I

18.1. The homologous chromosomes are in a straight line in the equator of the cell. They are still attached together by the Chiasmatas, which are specific places where crossing over occurred and are still holding the homologous chromosomes together.

19. Anaphase I

19.1. The homologous chromosomes divide by the spindles and each chromosome goes to one pole of the cell.

20. Telophase I

20.1. The chromosomes have reached the poles and the cell is ready to make it's first division.

21. Prophase II

21.1. No interphase has happened between Telophase I and Prophase II. Chromosomes condense again and the nuclear envelope breaks down.

22. Metaphase II

22.1. The chromosomes are at the center of the cell in a straight line.

23. Anaphase II

23.1. The centrosomes are separing the chromosomes into chromatids and are bringing them to the poles.

24. Telophase II

24.1. The chromatids have reached the poles and the two cells are ready to do cytokinesis again and divide into 4 total cells.

25. The Cell Cycle Concept Map

25.1. 1. Mitosis 1.1. Prophase 1.1.1. Chromotids condence from long strands to thick rods 1.2. Metaphase 1.2.1. The nucleus membrane disovess and the Chromotids start to line up down the center of the cell. spindle fibers extend outward from the centrieols to grab onto the chromotids and start to pull the chromotids toward the centrieols. 1.3. Anaphase 1.3.1. The spindle fibers pull the chromosomes toward the centrieols. 1.4. Telophase 1.4.1. As this is happining the cytoplasmic starts to split and the nucleus membrane forms around the centriols and the chromosomes. 2. Interphase 2.1. The DNA starts to replicate and chromosomes start to pair up and create Chromotids 3. The cell cycle 3.1. Cytokineses 3.1.1. The cell splits

25.2. Cell Cycle Mind Map