Potential solutions for biogas in Roerdalen


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Potential solutions for biogas in Roerdalen by Mind Map: Potential solutions for biogas in Roerdalen

1. Upgrade current infrastructure possibly

1.1. Gasificsation

1.2. AD plant

1.3. Using AHPD technology

2. No further development of biogas in Roerdalen

2.1. Process manure in GER considering higher electricity prices

2.2. Follow alternative renewable project

2.3. Process manure somewhere else

3. Available technology

3.1. Gasification system

3.1.1. Stercore system (large scale in neighboring)

3.1.2. Small scale in neighboring municipality

3.1.3. Small scale in Roerdalen

3.1.4. Stercore system (large scale in Roerdalen)

3.1.5. Construction of a massive plant for all the manure in the area of Maastricht (Limburg province)

3.2. AD plant

3.2.1. Small scale in neighboring municipality

3.2.2. Small scale AD

3.2.3. Large scale in Roerdalen

3.2.4. Large scale in region

3.2.5. Large scale AD

3.3. AHPD technology

3.3.1. Large scale in Roerdalen

3.3.2. Large scale in region

3.3.3. Small scale neighboring municipalities

3.3.4. Small scale in Roerdalen

3.3.5. ADHP attached to water treatment plant

4. Ownership structure

4.1. Diversified ownership of process steps (biogas & digestate)

4.2. Single owner

4.2.1. Municipality

4.2.2. Project developer

4.2.3. Individual farmer

4.3. Shared ownership

4.3.1. Farmers cooperative Farmer-owned gasification Farmer-owned AD Share costs and profits with other farmers for a joint digester. This entails purchase of pipes for extensive distance to the residential area.

4.3.2. Open to anyone Shared owned AHPD plant Equity ownership several entrepreneurs can be combined for the project

4.3.3. Citizens owned Shared ownership with citizens of biogas plant

5. Input mix

5.1. Co-digestation

5.1.1. Liquid

5.1.2. Dry

5.1.3. AD fed with everything available

5.2. Mono-digestation

5.2.1. AD fed only with manure

5.2.2. Liquid

5.2.3. Dry

6. Digestate

6.1. Digestate permeate

6.2. Solid digestate

6.3. Separate business plan for processing digestate into fertilizer or fertilizer chemicals

7. Energy use

7.1. Heat

7.2. Vehicle fuel

7.3. Electricity