Compassion for Exceptional Students

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Compassion for Exceptional Students by Mind Map: Compassion for Exceptional Students

1. M. Russell Ballard

1.1. Doctrine of inclusion

1.1.1. Do not teach a doctrine of Exclusion Love those of other faiths

1.1.2. Teach your children the doctrine of inclusion.

1.2. Be true disciples of Christ

1.3. Each of us is different

1.4. Love one another

1.4.1. The Good Samaritan We are all neighbors and should love, respect and serve each other despite our differences.

1.5. Perceptions and assumptions of others can be dangerous and harmful.

2. Boyd K. Packer

2.1. People with bodily handicaps or disabilities

2.1.1. Circumstances were not invited but cannot be ignored.

2.1.2. Afflictions come to the innocent

2.2. Never ridicule the unfortunate or disabled

2.3. Physical = Temporal

2.3.1. Beautiful and innocent spirits

2.3.2. "all things shall be restored to their proper and perfect frame.”

2.3.3. Mortal life is temporary

3. Joseph B. Wirthlin

3.1. Concern for the one

3.1.1. 1 lost sheep

3.1.2. Some are lost because they are different

3.2. Christ has commissioned us to "be our brother's keeper".

3.3. The variety of creation shows how God loves ALL his children.

3.3.1. Have compassion for those who are different.

4. Kim B. Clark

4.1. Have the guidance of the Spirit in all we do.

4.1.1. Have integrity

4.2. Spirit of gratitude

4.3. Spiritual poison : Entitlement

4.3.1. We need to have the characteristics of humility and gratitude.

4.3.2. Satan had the spirit of entitlement, he wanted God's glory. Do I look down on others? Do I care too much about status? Come unto Christ in Prayer

4.3.3. Entitlement separates us from God.