Week 2: Concept Map

Special Education

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Week 2: Concept Map by Mind Map: Week 2: Concept Map

1. Kim B Clarke

1.1. Drenched in gratitude:

1.1.1. This is the great medicine to be truly healed from entitlement

1.2. Don't let entitlement enter your heart. Be humble, modesty and fugal.

1.2.1. If you do this you will be blessed.

1.3. When you are entitled you:

1.3.1. this you are special and should get special treatments. Selfish and does nothing for you or anyone else.

1.3.2. You feel the life has been unfair to you

1.3.3. You demand things that you haven't worked for.

1.4. What kind of scars will the spirit of entitlement leave on your heart?

1.4.1. overly concerned with worldly wants

1.4.2. greed

1.4.3. 2Kings 5:9 The spirit of entitlement could kept you from receiving all the blessing of the gospel.

1.5. D&C 1:16

1.5.1. Don't forget your Savior but remember all that God has done for you and others.

1.6. Warning

1.6.1. Overcridicale

1.6.2. I deserve

1.6.3. Status or rank

1.6.4. You can't feel good for others when they get an achievement you thought you should have gotten.

1.7. Overcoming Entitlement

1.7.1. matt 11:28 join with the yoke of the Savior You must honor him and keep the commandments. This will open your heart to the Savior's healing power. You may need to change things and get added medicine into your heart.

1.8. 3 Things to help avoid/heal from Entitlement:

1.8.1. Pray with real intent Doing these things will help you to be drenched in feelings of gratitude for the Savior and all that he has done for you.

1.8.2. Sacrament This should be a time to renew and feel the love and gratitude that we have for the Savior. As we listen and commit to act we will get the revelation and direction that we need.

1.8.3. Worship in the temple A place of protection and hope.

2. Joseph B Wirthlin: Concern for the One

2.1. Disciples of Christ are:

2.1.1. Concerned for the one

2.1.2. they brothers keeper look after your friends and family

2.1.3. This means everyone, those that are different, those that are weary, those that have strayed.

2.2. Lost bc Differences

2.2.1. Members of the church come in all shapes and sizes. We are all alike to God. As a follower of Jesus Christ we need to stand up for those that can not stand up for themselves. It might help others see how they can be better.

2.3. Bc they are weary

2.3.1. they feel that they will never be able to catch-up and feel it would be better to just stop. “Shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward and not backward. Courage, brethren; and on, on to the victory! Let your hearts rejoice, and be exceedingly glad. Let the earth break forth into singing. … “… Let the woods and all the trees of the field praise the Lord; … and let all the sons of God shout for joy!” -Joseph Smith

2.3.2. We all have something to offer. Even if it seems small it will be worth great to those that we serve.

2.4. Bc they strayed

2.4.1. we will all trip and fall: but how will we respond? be positive remember that everyone needs the light and love of the Savior. ALL need his help. lose yourself in service to others rely on the Lord not on men! Be kind! Act as the spirit directs strive to be worthy of the name of the Savior!

3. The Moving of the Water: Boyd K. Packer

3.1. The pool of Bethesda

3.1.1. John5:2-4

3.2. It is not a sin to be disabled or to have a disabled child.

3.2.1. “Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” John 9:1-3

3.3. Teaching how to act and help those with disabilities can be helpful for those that don't know how they can help.

3.3.1. try to develop a "marvelous kind of blindness." They are not whole in this life but they are still spirit sons and daughters of God and need to be treated with kindness and love. 2ne.9:13

3.4. Until the day of perfection we need to look after those that are disabled. So that they can receive a full enjoyable life.

3.4.1. The Prophet Joseph Smith said that “all the minds and spirits that God ever sent into the world are susceptible of enlargement.” If it was you or a loved one won't you want to be treated with love and respect? D&C 58:3-4

4. Doctrine of Inclusion: M. Russell Ballard

4.1. Love and understanding

4.1.1. everyone is your neighbor but firstly your family, ministering families, and close friends. But serve whenever able. Make yourself able to serve.

4.1.2. luke 10:25-37 "Go and do though likewise"

4.1.3. We should strive to include others: people not of our faith; those that are disabled; those that might not understand or are mean to others. Teach inclusion and love for all of God's children. We can disagree with love and respect for others. Civility! Expect the best out of people

4.1.4. 3 things to increase inclusion 1. get to know your neighbors 2. Eliminated 'non' phrases 3. Don't let people to leave from use John 13:34-35