10 Ways to Stay Inspired for Life

10 Ways to Stay Inspired for Life- A Visual Mind Map by Arpit Banjaramany entrepreneurs suffer from creative blocks due to being so wrapped up in tasks. To a large extent, we all have to let the processes of creativity and inspiration come to us from the outside because it is not always an internal process we can count on. Inspiration waxes and wanes along any person’s journey to success. Yet, there are many ways to stay inspired through outside sources to keep our engines of motivation and ...

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10 Ways to Stay Inspired for Life by Mind Map: 10 Ways to Stay Inspired for Life

1. 1. Read

1.1. Keep one or more motivational books with you at all times

1.2. Sometimes it only takes one sentence to get your mind in gear

1.2.1. on what you want to achieve in your day

1.2.2. your business and the bigger picture of your life

1.3. Reading something that hits home

1.3.1. reminds you that your path to success is worth the hard work

1.4. Having a book on hand is like having a pocket coach

2. 2. Time alone

2.1. The majority of time in your life

2.1.1. will be spent in the consistent company of other people on a regular basis

2.2. Even when the connections you have are positive

2.2.1. it is still taxing on your energy to be constantly giving out

2.3. have a certain amount of time alone

2.3.1. to detox and re-energize

3. 3. Money

3.1. Money is a tool and resource

3.1.1. which can be used for so much good

3.2. Money is also one of the greatest rewards

3.2.1. acknowledging your hard work

3.3. It is not wrong to work for money

3.3.1. or to have making more money as a priority

3.3.2. You should always strive to make more money

3.4. With money comes the freedom to do more things

3.4.1. Having this type of freedom brings more happiness

3.4.2. You are never more inspired than when you are happy

4. 4. Music

4.1. Music can be one of the most direct ways to find inspiration

4.2. Inspiration is a drive

4.2.1. but as much as it is a drive

4.2.2. is also an emotion

4.3. If you’re hurt or angry

4.3.1. the right song can inspire you to succeed

4.4. If you have a creative block

4.4.1. the right music can open your mind

4.5. It has been proven that music is in sync with our brain waves

4.5.1. So if you want to find some inspiration

4.5.2. listen to some great music

5. 5. Exercise

5.1. Getting outside

5.1.1. moving your body getting fresh air and working up a sweat are highly creative ways to find inspiration

5.2. When you exercise

5.2.1. the left brain is distracted by the task of exercising

5.2.2. allowing the more right brained emotions and ideas to come through

5.3. when you push yourself physically

5.3.1. you learn how strong you are emotionally

5.3.2. and this helps to keep you inspired

5.4. I can say that when I run

5.4.1. the most creative ideas I have for my business come to mind

6. 6. Gratitude

6.1. Wherever there is gratitude there is a spark of life

6.1.1. wherever there is a spark of life there is inspiration

6.2. The more grateful you are for what you have

6.2.1. the more motivated it makes you

6.2.2. to want to sustain and elevate above your current level of success

6.3. A great way to practice gratitude is

6.3.1. to write thank you on every check

6.3.2. and every receipt as a way to remind yourself of how blessed you are

6.4. When you are grateful you become plentiful

6.4.1. You become more deeply committed to all you do

6.4.2. when you treasure what you have

7. 7. Vision

7.1. If you lose inspiration

7.1.1. go back to the drawing board

7.1.2. and either create the vision of what it is that you want

7.2. or be brave and flexible enough in your mindset

7.2.1. to reinvent the vision you currently work from to more effectively move forward

7.3. Having a vision is a way of creating a future benchmark of achievement

7.3.1. you knowing you won’t be satisfied until you achieve it

7.4. A vision inspires the willingness to strive for what you want

7.4.1. It inspires you to live your dream

8. 8. Competition

8.1. competition breeds inspiration

8.1.1. Competition inspires you to get to that next level

8.2. It motivates you to prove yourself to yourself

8.2.1. and to those others who matter when pushing yourself forward

8.3. Getting to that next level will require

8.3.1. hard, work, training, and motivation

8.4. You will naturally do nearly anything to feel that sense of accomplishment

9. 9. Other people’s stories

9.1. A great way to find inspiration is to study other inspirational people

9.1.1. Read their biographies

9.1.2. watch movies which touch you

9.2. If you feel low on inspiration

9.2.1. take a day to read, watch a film, or otherwise study others

9.2.2. who others have made it against all odds

9.3. Emulate in your life

9.3.1. what inspires you about these people and these stories

10. 10. Give

10.1. When you give and you see the fruits of your labor

10.1.1. Seeing the significance of your impact on the world

10.1.2. is so moving it inspires you to work more

10.1.3. and make more in order to give more

10.2. Giving is the greatest gift that gives back

10.3. To see that what you contribute to the world

10.3.1. makes a huge difference in the lives of others

10.4. It is what inspiration is all about

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12. 'Benefits of Mind Mapping' pdf Free Download --->