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My Rules by Mind Map: My Rules

1. Delegate what can be delegated

2. Create a Could do instead of to do list.

3. It is important to develop a daily habit.

4. Breakdown ideas and organize them (shuffle).

5. Keep track of the progress, write down all wins and learning (positive) because we have a tendency to have a bias toward negative

6. Ship early, once the ship sails it is easier to stop procrastinating and adding details. The example in the book is around “Word Press version 2”. It reduces the stress of delivering something perfect.

7. Create a list of all that must be done with the cost of money, the time, the return on investment and determine what is really worth it.

8. Instead of over-complicating something, ask people to find someone who already did it.

9. Write a list of all the positive words people give to you. Refer to it.

10. Always have deadlines. People have tendencies of executing on the last minute of them. People on time or early only move the deadline closer.

11. Write down 10 ways to get what you want. Might be all possible but probably one of the items is good.

12. Set clear boundaries between phone, sms, email, work, relaxing time.

13. Adding the word sometime in front of a negative feedback can help to digest the idea.