Online Assessment Tools

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Online Assessment Tools by Mind Map: Online Assessment Tools

1. Kahoot

1.1. Welcome back to Kahoot! for schools

1.2. Kahoot is an interactive formative assessment tool to engage students in learning. Students can be presented with pictures, questions and videos and then answer with a response. I use Kahoot in my classroom as an exit slip or a check in with students.

2. Google Forms

2.1. Google Forms: Free Online Surveys for Personal Use

2.2. Google Forms is a free Google tool that allows teachers to create online assessments. I like to use Google forms in my classroom for check ins with my students. One of my favorite features about Google Forms is how you get immediate feedback. You also get results presented in various different ways.

3. FlipGrid

3.1. Flipgrid

3.2. Flip Grid is an online video tool where students can answer a prompt or question using the video feature. Teachers and peers can comment on videos shared by other students.

4. Google Classroom


4.2. Google Classroom is a Google tool that allows for the teacher to create a classroom for students to access materials, assignments and assessments. Google Classroom has been the main forum I have used during eLearning and has been an easy tool for my 4th graders to access.

5. Pear Deck

5.1. Pear Deck for Google Slides — Pear Deck

5.2. Pear Deck is a Google Slides add on that allows a teacher to insert a formative assessment into the Google Slide presentation.

6. Classkick

6.1. Classkick - Helping Teachers Be Awesome

6.2. Classkick allows you to create assignments or upload your own assignments. Students can then upload their responses in a drawing, picture, text or audio. Teachers can provide feedback individualized to each student.

7. Plickers

7.1. Plickers

7.2. Plickers is an assessment tool that allows for students to answer formative assessment questions on a device. This tool is similiar to a clicker activity.

8. Socrative

8.1. Home - Socrative

8.2. Socrative is a great tool for teachers to quickly assign work and assessments. Teachers are able to give feedback to all students. One feature I really like about Socrative is how you can monitor student work while using the tool. Another feature I like is how the activities and assessments can be personalized for each student.

9. The Answer Pad

9.1. The Answer Pad Review for Teachers | Common Sense Education

9.2. The Answer Pad is an online assessment tool that is a way for students to asnwer questions on a test they have in front of them on a device they have access to.

10. Quizalize

10.1. Quizalize - Easily differentiate and track mastery anywhere, any time

10.2. Quizelize is a great resource to allow for remote online assessments to take place for classroom use. This tool has standard aligned assessments that make it easy to track student growth and monitor learning.

11. Gimkit

11.1. Gimkit

11.2. Gimkit is a formative assessment tool that allows learning to happen in a fun and interactive way. Students are given reinforcement throughout the whole activity.

12. Quizlet


12.2. Quizlet is a tool that is used in my classroom to prepare for quizes. Quizlet is a study tool set up like a flashcard to allow students to practice for an assessment. Students in my class create quizlets for eachother to prep for assessments and to assess eachother.

13. Slido

13.1. Slido - Audience Interaction Made Easy

13.2. Slido is an online assessment tool that can be used in the classroom to take class polls and to use as question and answer forums.

14. Sero!

14.1. Sero! Review for Teachers | Common Sense Education

14.2. Sero! is a visual assessment platform where users create or import fillable concept maps for student completion. Sero! also allows for multiple choice questions, fill in, drag and drop and connect to questions.

15. Mentimeter

15.1. Interactive presentation software

15.2. Mentimeter is an online tool that allows for an interactive participation during a presentation. This tool allows for polls and quizzes to happen during a presentation.

16. ClassFlow

16.1. Cloud-Based Lesson Delivery Software for Schools | ClassFlow

16.2. ClassFlow allows teachers to discover, create, and deliver interactive learning. CLassFlow allows teachers to teach and assess students in the modern classroom. ClassFlow is especially useful when students are using their own devices in 1:1 or BYOD environments. ClassFlow is cloud-based. It is accessible on any device with internet access.

17. Animoto


17.2. Animoto is a video making tool that can be used in the classroom for students to answer questions and show understanding of a concept or skill. My students have used this tool to record Science testings and to show mastery in concepts.

18. Edulastic


18.2. Edulastic is an online assessment that is a time-saving and customizable solution for assigning digital quizzes, tests, assessments, or worksheets to students.

19. Naiku

19.1. Naiku | Better Assessment. Better Learning.

19.2. Naiku is an online assessment tool where students are assessed with a variety of different questions. Students are given the opportunity to rate their confidence on a question and give their justification. Upon completing the test students can look at the correct answers and see how and why they got the question wrong.

20. PlayPosit

20.1. PlayPosit | Interactive Video Platform

20.2. PlayPosit is a formative assessment tool where students can watch a video and answer questions after or during the video. This is a great tool to have for homework or to check in where students are at with a certain topic or concept.