Consumer Motivation

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Consumer Motivation by Mind Map: Consumer Motivation

1. Motivation

1.1. - Driving force that impels people to act

1.2. - Consumer motivation is the study of why people buy

1.3. - Marketers need to understand the motivation of your brand's key target segment

2. Motivation Process

2.1. 1. Unfulfilled needs, wants and desires

2.1.1. - create marketing stimulus to arouse customers' needs

2.1.2. - help consumers to identify their unfulfilled needs/desires

2.2. 2. Tension

2.2.1. - unfulfilled needs create psychological tension

2.3. 3. Drive & Behavior

2.3.1. - tension creates the drive for the individual to set goal and carry out behavior (e.g. purchase or usage) to meet unfulfilled needs Factors affecting goal setting - personality - perception - attitude Types of Goals 1. Generic goals 2. Product- specific goals

2.4. 4. Goal or Need fulfillment

2.4.1. - if goal and behavior MEET unfulfilled needs, TENSION is REDUCED - fulfilled need is no longer a source of motivation - individual will seek to fulfill other unmet needs

2.4.2. - if initial action/ behavior is NOT sufficient to fulfill need - psychological tension persists Individual sets new goal and behavior to fulfill the same need

3. Motivation Theory (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)

3.1. 1. Classified into 5 types of human needs

3.1.1. Self-Actualization - self-fulfillment, achieving something big

3.1.2. Ego Needs - status, prestige, self-esteem

3.1.3. Social Needs - affection, friendship, belonging

3.1.4. Safety and Security Needs - stability, protection, order

3.1.5. Physiological Needs food, water, air, shelter, sex

3.2. 2. Individuals seek to satisfy lower level needs first before high level needs (physiological)