living otganisms

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1. Respiration

1.1. All organisms break down glucose and other substances inside their cells, to release energy that they can use

1.2. In: Oxygen

1.3. Out: Carbon Dioxide

2. Nutrition: Eating

2.1. Organisms take substances from their environment and use them to provide energy or materials to make new cells.

2.2. Plants: make their own food

2.3. Animals eat other living organisms

3. Growth: Development

3.1. Growth All organisms begin small and get larger, by the growth of their cells and by adding new cells to their bodies.

4. Movement

4.1. All organisms are able to move to some extent. Most animals can move their whole body from place to place, and plants can slowly move parts of themselves.

5. Sensitivity

5.1. All organisms pick up information about changes in their environment, and react to the changes.

5.2. Adapting

5.2.1. long term reaction

6. Excretion

6.1. All organisms produce unwanted or toxic waste products as a result of their metabolic reactions, and these must be removed from the body