Not Used to Working From Home? These 3 Rules Can Help You Adjust

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Not Used to Working From Home? These 3 Rules Can Help You Adjust by Mind Map: Not Used to Working From Home? These 3 Rules Can Help You Adjust

1. Designate an Isolated Work Station

1.1. The places that reduce your productivity are your bed, the sofa and the room you keep your TV in.

1.2. When you use these spaces, it’s hard to convince your brain to commit to working, and you’ll start wasting the days away.

1.3. Another issue is people, whether that’s partners, friends, or children. People have a funny way of distracting us.

1.4. Set up an isolated workstation that's separated from the distractions and people in your home.

1.4.1. It could sit next to a window which ensures your space feels open.

1.4.2. Plants provide some much-needed tranquillity in times like these.

1.4.3. Have a place next to you to keep your pens and notebooks.

2. You Need to ‘Clock in’

2.1. Managing your work hours falls solely on your shoulders.

2.2. This change shouldn’t scare you — it should excite you. It means you can control your work schedule!

2.3. To get the most benefit out of this, develop some kind of structure.

2.4. Set smaller chunks of undistracted work time.

2.5. Your levels of productivity increase when you work from home — a boost equivalent to a full day’s work

2.6. As long as you can remain disciplined, you can look forward to getting more done in less time.

3. Set Self-Imposed Deadlines

3.1. Buy a notebook and write down a list of the tasks you want to get done.

3.2. Decide on the order you need to tackle them.

3.3. Use colored dots to signify the importance of each task

3.4. This keeps your focus on the tasks, rather than the time you have to do them in.

3.5. Time might be a luxury in this current predicament, so it’s vital to prioritize what you want to achieve in your short windows of focus.